Friday, July 24, 2009

F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap - Look what I got!

Just recently I participated in a Friends swap, hosted by Khris. My partner was Terri from Sew-Fantastic and let me tell you I was sooooo nervous about having such an awesome partner...mind you, my package still hasn't arrived at her end yet. Anyhoo.....I got to open my package the other day and check out what was in there...first, ontop of the package was a gorgeous handmade owl card....which you can see in the following pic.

In the pic over to the right, you can see what a great choice in colour Terri made with the wrapping....and I love how she also incorporated one of her favourite which is the colour of the letters indicating which present was what.

And in this last pic, you can see all my gorgeous goodies, which I just love love love to bits.....sorry but I don't do the "I heart this" thing....what's wrong with saying you love it anyways.....Call me old fashioned, but that's me! Wasn't I just I'm back to worrying that Terri, in all her awesomeness won't like what I've sent her....ok, I'm off to chew the remaining portion of my fingernails off whilst worrying!

F = Fabric (A bit hard to see in the pic sorry, but it's gorgeous)

R = Recipe card box and owl fridge magnets (hoot hoot)

I = Icecream sundae pincushion (purple round object on right side of pic, just below the magnets)

E = Exclusive Lip Balms/Glosses (Was I right Terri??)

N = Notebook - with owl fabric - how cool is that?

D = Dishcloth....with an appliqued owl on she's just showing off....with how clever she is, I still haven't appliqued anything!

S = Square chocolate mint and stationary...check out the purple dots on the paper under the pile of 's' I Spoilt or what!

Thank you sooooo much Terri.....I'm so nervous about your package now......I don't think mine is anywhere near your greatness.



  1. yipeee it all looks fabulous, dont worry you will have send wonderful things to your partner I bet..........

  2. YES!! you are right I can't believe you got that.. EXCLUSIVE EDITION LIP GLOSS LOL
    I saw that after having a hard time witht he E and it was just meant to be.

    I am so glad you liked everything. The pin cusion was a worry for me since it was my first, but you must try everything at least once ... right.

    Oh everything looks so yummy, thank you for taking pictures. I got everything wrapped and photoed but none of the actual items.

    YAY thanks for being my partner to, I am sure I will love everything you sent.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL....Terri where are mine? LOL.....Naomi is so lucky those owl goodies didnt disappear when I went out the
    Hugs Khris

  4. What lovely things you received from Terri! Your favourite colour purple and Terri's favourite colour of orange go well together don't they? I am sure Terri will like what you have sent her. Regards, Nessie

  5. great haul there naomi ..well done Terri,you filled Naomis delight very much...cheers Vickie

  6. Lovely lot of gifts there Naomi...... don't worry you do lovely work and I am sure Terri will be very happy with what you send....
    Cath Ü

  7. Gorgeous gifties you received there Naomi - lucky you!!


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