Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aussie Heroes

Some of you already know that I have a close working relationship with my wonderful online friend Jan Maree, the "matriarch" so to speak, behind Aussie Hero Quilts & Laundry Bags, and that's because you do too. But for those of you who haven't heard of us....we're a bunch of quilters/sewists, mainly from all over Australia, who are making quilts and laundry bags for our Soldiers (whether they are Air Force, Army or Navy) serving overseas, whether that is Afghanistan, East Timor, in fact anywhere where we (Australia) have a 'presence' is where we'll send quilts to them.

The quilts are theirs to keep, even after they return home, but in order to spread the word, we need YOU!  If you know anyone within the armed forces serving overseas, or about to, please ask them if they've heard of Aussie Heroes and if they haven't, send them a link to the blog  or a link for the group on Facebook (Jan-Maree is looking for 9 more likers before the end of this weekend....go on, you know you want to lol)

Us friends of Aussie Heroes, do what we do with love, respect and most importantly, gratitude for our Aussie Heroes efforts.  We're all about the people, not the politics or the mission.

If you have time and the ability to make a quilt or a laundry bag, you can find all the info at the top of the blog page.  There's also an option to donate fabric (100% quilters cotton please), cotton batting or a donation into the bank account to allow batting etc to be bought and shared amongst those Friends of Aussie Heroes who need it.

For anyone just hearing about Aussie Hero Quilts (AHQ) for the first time, here's a brief run down on what's been achieved by AHQ since inception about 10 or so months ago.  Well over 300 quilts have either been mailed to Aussie Soldiers around the world, or are being geared up for mailing in the coming weeks.  Countless Laundry bags have been sent and numerous care packages (Tim Tams etc - listed here)


  1. You are a gem Naomi! Not su sure about being called a matriarch but thank you so much for spreading the word. The more support we get, the mor

  2. As I was saying, the more support we get the more support we can give and I am constantly humbled by how much it is appreciated!

  3. Good on all of you, such a nice thing to do for your heroes.

  4. Yay, such a great cause, so honoured to be involved & enjoy the mountain of fabric i 'handed over' to Jan-Maree a couple of weeks ago!! I'll repost on FB & have the button on my blog too, love Posie

  5. But I calls you Matriarch with love Jan Maree. I just googled it's meaning and tah dah


    1. a woman who dominates an organization, community, etc
    2. the female head of a tribe or family, esp in a matriarchy
    3. a very old or venerable woman

    At the risk of getting my butt kicked, I'll select one of them for my reasoning....2....but could be bordering on being 1 & 2 combined...but only the nice parts of them!

    You don't rule over us with an iron clad glove or steel toe cap boots, but are more of 'camp leader'

    Ok, I think I've just dug myself a bigger hole, so I'll quit while I still have a head!


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