Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pricing - how much would you pay?

This is a bit of a strange post, even for me....but having spied a couple of sites recently who don't charge for their patterns, instead they have a tip jar (how cool....sounds way more fun than a contribute or donate button right? Although the standard button from paypal is Donate still) then today, googling for something, I happened across a very cute to hoot Halloween quilt pattern, which is available for purchase here

The above is the quilt in discussion is/was a BOM, but now you can buy the pattern....whoop whoop, so off I toodled to the above site.....AND then, I saw the price......$78.00 for one quilt pattern....seriously?  I could possibly, would probably consider buying it if it were about $20 or even $25 but almost $80...sorry, but I just don't get it...if only I could draw and come up with something similar....but I struggle to even draw a straight line...with a ruler....well ok, I'm not quite that bad, but almost!
Don't get me wrong, I understand that a designer should get some sort of reward for their talent and skill, but if 100 people bought that pattern...that's a healthy down payment on a new car, for just one pattern in a designers can't tell me that ALL designers are making this kind of money...surely?  I know I'm coming  across as a whiney tight arse grinch, but it just grates at me, how much money people want to make on one item all the time.

So, as the title of this post much would you pay for a pattern that you really really like?  How much is the most you've paid for a pattern, and have you used that pattern yet?

Thank you to Angela, who is the main 'culprit' for having great write ups on her blog about reverse engineering, copyright and how she's a 'Copy Leftist'


  1. A seriously expensive pattern! I would never pay more than £20, and that would have to be super special! Sue x

  2. Far too expensive for a pattern.
    find pictures on the net, print them out... enlarge them if necessary and BOOM... YOU HAVE A PATTERN.

  3. You know me well enough to know there is no way in hell I would pay that amount for a pattern. Especially when there are so many patterns out there cheaper or for free that I would want to make. Khris

  4. So far, I have never bought a pattern. If I like something and I want to make it, I can figure it out by staring at it "real hard" for a few minutes. In any case, the best looking quilts use the simplest patterns :-)


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