Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Recent works, a mini tutorial & new hair colour

Just in case you thought I was having another hiatus in the craft department, then you'd have thought wrong....I have a few finishes, but can only show you two at the moment, until the others arrive to their destination.

First up is a tablerunner top...not technically a finish, but it's a 'hope to be finished soon' kinda deal lol

Quick and easy tablerunner....4 solid corner squares and the rest is all hst's...it doesn't all have to be one colour for the patterned bits....you could do two colours and a solid background colour and also use hst's on the corners, but face them dark side to the corners....even a scrappy one would look good.  To make it, work out what size you want the finished squares to be and add half an inch....so I started with 5 & 1/2" squares, made my hst's and trimmed them to 5".  Sew them together in rows, alternating the way the seams are pressed on each row, so they nestle together and play nicely lol  Then sew the rows together....and tah dah a tablerunner that's quick, easy and effective looking.  Back and batt it and then quilt it as desired, bind it and you're all done (labelling is an optional extra), pat yourself on the back.

Next is a birthday block for one of the 'gals' at the quilting group I attend....her birthday was a while back, but with her being away, and then me being away, I haven't had the chance to give it to her.....but here's the block (2nd one, I misplaced the first one!) I made for Heather B, who wanted teddy bears on black.

Later on in the year, once the last gal has her block, I'll post a photo of all the blocks I made this year....next year I think I'll try and get some of the girls interested in doing a squishy fq swap for birthdays....I have enough quilt blocks from swaps to keep me busy next year, without adding another quilt full lol

Lastly, today I went to my friend Carols place, and she foiled me...well, not me exactly, she did foils on my hair....so I went with this hair colour....

And came home this colour.....

Think I need eye surgery....my eyes are uneven lol  Think it was all those years of wearing my long hair plaited over to one side of my head....will try and find a pic of it one day, so you can see why I think it's my hairs fault that I have wonky eyes lol

Till next time


  1. thamks for sharing the table runner, looks great.... look forward to seeing your blocks in the swap and wow what a differnece color can might, a totally new woman looks gorgeous

  2. Runner is lovely and the hair looks great.

  3. LOve your hair both colours really. That bear is cute.


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