Friday, August 1, 2014

See anything different?

Yesterday sometime, I got an email from a company asking me to remove a link from my blog as they were getting into trouble with Google about it.....after another email back and forth between us, it turns out, it was in teeny weeny print down the bottom of the blog....who even looks down there on my blog?  I certainly don't lol

So, I decided that as my blog background host no longer offers the free version of the background I was using, that I would go with a different one altogether, as it seemed the almost defunct version of my blog template was where this mystery link was from.

As the line from one of my favourite movies goes (ala Pretty Woman fame) big mistake, HUGE

I lost everything apart from my posts, about me and one other was bare bones....skeletal I started messing some more, tried a couple more templates, and again found out it 'stole' stuff and wouldn't give it all back to me, so I rolled up my sleeves, put on my big girl panties and messed around with html (woah, isn't that a scary thing to try and 'speak' eeeek lol) and have now got a blogger hosted template, my own taste in colours somewhat, and I'm supposed to even have a different font, yet as I sit here and type this, the font looks the same....will pass judgement when I click publish lol

For those with eagle eyes, you may have noticed that I've changed the name of the blog....this is to reflect the labels I sew onto items I make (apart from Aussie Hero Quilts, they have official labels on them) and will be matching the name of my new online shop that I'm opening up soon...much to my daughters' dismay, it still isn't open....feel free to keep commenting to tell me to hurry up and open it daughter will love you eternally for being motivational to her ever so procrastinational (is that even a word?  If not, I claim it as my blondinese invention!) mother lol 

I don't believe I've ever done a post without a pic, so will find one to add in here, as with everything else that's gone on here today, I'd hate to start posting with no image to entice you all in lol

I'll try and minimize the amount of changes I make to the blog, and for those whose buttons I had on the side bar...please comment so I can visit your blog or site and add them back on.....soooooo frustrated I tell ya!


  1. It sounds like a complete nightmare Naomi. Miss the owls but love your new look blog. For a moment there I thought you'd changed from owls to frogs LOLL

  2. I too thought you might be switching from owls to frogs. Sorry to hear of your woes. Best of luck with your shop!

  3. love the new look :) nice and clean ;) glad you were able to sort it out!


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