Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who loves Strawberries????

No, not the edible kind, although they are yummy, but I usual....Inspired quilter is hosting a giveaway of some yummy strawberry fabric, or some pear healthy is that? lol Entries close on November 2nd so don't delay heading on over by clicking on the photo above.


P.S. You still have a day or so to enter, as I just went across to congratulate the winner, and noticed the date now says November 6th!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Awwwww I'm never gonna get there

Sorry but this post won't have any pics, it's mainly just a sook post, and I didn't think a pic of me crying would look interesting

Why am I crying? A while ago, I read on someone's blog (sorry, can't remember whose blog though) that if she got 100 followers, she could sign up with Accuquilts Blog friends programme, and maybe get to host a GO! giveaway.....and win one of her own. So of course, I went and emailed Accuquilt to ask them about whether I, living in Australia, would be eligible as I had 175 followers.

I finally got an email back from them.....and the proverbial carrot has been moved, you now need 300+ my reason for crying is because once I get to (if I ever get there) 300, they'll have raised the carrot up to 500, and so on.

I think I've come to the conclusion that I'll never own that's my excuse for not making another quilt's having to cut out manually with the spoils of a rotary cutter, still, I suppose that's still better than before rotary cutters were invented hey? lol

On a much, much brighter note though, my friend Melissa in Ohio won an Accuquilt GO! in Gene Black's giveaway....WTG Melissa. When I read that she'd won, I did a happy dance for was almost as exciting as if I'd won a GO! myself.

Hugs from a grizzleguts

P.S. After having my grizzle earlier, my bloggy friend Barb, very kindly gave me a head up about Micki's GO! I've been and entered...and if you'd like to win a GO! then head on off over to enter, by clicking here. Thanks for giving me the nod in Micki's direction Barb, and we'll talk turkey about the other thing in a few days hun.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Aren't these cutie pies?

Above is the Little Wallet all closed up.

A short while ago, Vicki won the "Hot Potato" pattern that is doing the rounds. The condition of winning it, is that you get it for a month, then you have to host a giveaway on your blog for the pattern. Well I missed out, and didn't want to chance stalking the pattern to not win it, so I broke down and bought the I love this pattern, they're so easy to make.

Above shows the Little Wallet, opened up....gotta love the blatant show of self promotion, by putting one of my business cards inside hey? lol

Have made more, but haven't taken pics of those yet.....this one has already gone to it's new home...a dental student, Justine M, at the Adelaide Dental Hospital, to say thank you for all the gentleness she's displayed when working on Raelenes' teeth 'n' gums.

If you'd like a chance to win the "hot potato", then any day now, at least I think it's any day now, Joy will be hosting her own click here to go stalk her blog. Good luck


Monday, October 11, 2010

GO! giveaways happening at Alderwood Quilts & Badland Quilts blogs plus a fabric giveaway at Joystudios' blog

Hurry, and I mean you only have another day or so to rush rush rush on over, by clicking the photo above to enter to win some great fabric. Ends 13th October 2010. Good Luck.

Karen over at Badlands Quilts blog, is having a GO! giveaway....woo hoo, another chance for us to win one of these on the photo above to GO! directly to her giveaway post....BUT, don't forget to come back and enter the GO! giveaway at Alderwood Quilts. Karens' GO! giveaway ends on October 13th so hurry on over and get your entry in.

Sue over at Alderwood Quilts is hosting a GO! giveaway, and it's open until Nov 1st. Click on the above pic to go and enter your name in for this fantastic opportunity....and if you win, and by some crazy stroke of insanity, you find you don't end up wanting this nifty cutter....please feel free to send it to me! Sues' GO! giveaway is open to international entries....YAY. Good luck if you enter the GO! giveaway.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Want the chance to win a Bliss Layer Cake?

As part of the Fall Into Fall blog hop giveaway, click on the link above to go enter Crazy Quilt Girls' Blissful (!) giveaway....make sure to tell her you saw it here first. Then once you've entered her giveaway, click on the scarecrow in her sidebar, and go enter all the other blog giveaways that are part of the blog hop. Good luck