Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a spoilt brat I feel like this morning!

And the above parcel is why I feel that way......I was just sitting here at the computer, still in my pj's and robe, and there was a knock knock at the front door....so off I trot and it was the parcel delivery guy who's look said "what is this woman dressed in now" lmao I had to sign for the package, so it was amusing to see him try and get me to sign his little electronic display thingy and give me my package and get away as quick as he could, without making eye contact...lol

Cyndi, from Bluebirdswing sent me a parcel, and in the following pics, you can see what was inside. Thank you sooooo much Cyndi.....I love it all to bits.

I was a bit hasty with opening the package...and tore the tissue paper off the wallet and key fob before I took a photo....ooops, but there's two bits of fabric there, a wallet, a key fob and a card...I opened the card and took a pic of that in the next photo as you can see.

Look at all those goodies, aren't they pretty?

This is a picture of the wallet opened out....great colours hey? I think so...but then purple IS my favourite colour, and here it's coupled with two of my other passion colours...green and turquoise/aqua.

Thanks again Cyndi, it's such a treat...and I don't think the delivery guy will be ogling at me anymore now he's seen me in my not so sexy pj's and robe!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Belated Giveaway win.

Let's do the time warp, and then this won't be such a late thank you. I actually received this about a week ago, and then promptly forgot to post about it in here. Miche'le from By Hoqi Quilts in New Zealand hosted a 2nd Birthday giveaway for the shop....and I was the lucky winner. Above is a pic of what I won...a matching charm pack and jelly roll (the type of jelly roll that doesn't add inches to your waist line!) Thanks for having the giveaway Miche'le and I wish you and By Hoki Quilts many more happy years of trading.


Inspiration and desparation!

I've been inspired by these gloves since I saw them during summer, and the tutorial was filed away in the back of my brain for 'when it gets cooler'....Ummmm hullllooooo brain, it's ruddy freezing now and gloves were not made.....hence the desparation part of this post....I wanted something quick and easy to help warm my poor hands, that would allow me to type, sew etc and I didn't want to have to sew any seams....lol For anyone that's seen my knitting and crochet UFO's you'll know why I didn't want any sewing involved. So last night I grabbed my crochet hook and some yarn and had a mental pic of the above gloves in my mind.

Here's what I came up with.....I actually made 2 pairs in the one evening....with only one frogging part...which was the initial pair I started, which were WAY too big..lol

And now to show them on me, because they're not really clear in the above pic...ie you can't see the thumb holes even....I got Raelene to take a pic of them on me.

If you want to make a pair of the knitted gloves, I've made it so you'll go to the link by clicking on the photo. If you're interested in how I made my crochet ones, let me know and I'll tell you.....honestly, they are really quick and easy and at most, you'll have two ends per glove to sew/weave in....I cheated and crocheted over the starting one so I had one less to sew in at the end!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wanna win an Accuquilt Go Cutter? I know I do!

Canadian online store, Stitch In The Ditch is giving away one and I'd soooo love to win it. I've been watching everyone's (well those who have won one or have hosted a giveaway for one) blogs, as they proudly parade theirs, in awe...and yes, admittedly, a certain degree of jealousy.

If you happen to click on the photo above and enter, be sure to tell them Beeshebags told you about it....that way I get an extra chance to win!

Don't leave it to chance though, and think you'll get back to it later.....I've missed a couple of other giveaways by thinking that (not to say I would've won anyway), so click on the pic above and go enter.

I wish you all good luck, but I'm feeling a bit greedy and I hope I win it, lol....surely Accuquilt will stop giving them away soon, and then I'll have missed the boat....well until a lottery win comes my way that is!


New UK Online shop opens and in honour of that has a giveaway

How would you like to help Simply Solids celebrate the opening of their online shop, by winning 22 Kona Solids fat quarters? I know I would, hence why I've entered the giveaway as many times as I can! If you'd like to enter too (it's open to international entrants), then click on the pic above to go and enter. Good Luck. I've also put a link to the Simply Solids online shop in my side bar.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Santa Stocking - My first Tutorial

I entered Amanda's Christmas in July challenge over on her blog, and this months challenge was a christmas ornament.....I've dillied and dallied for a couple of weeks now, and finally, this morning I decided to make a stocking ornament. Whilst doing it, I decided it was about time I did a tutorial...and ta-dah, here it is. You'll need to download both pdf's.

Tutorial is here & Pattern pieces are here

If you make one, please email me a pic so I can pop them up on here....to show them off. I know it's only June and Christmas seems so far away, but time flies, and it'll be upon us before you know it. Also, don't forget about those who have a "Christmas in July" thing happening.....these would be easy to make and fill with little pressies.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Salisbury Craft & Hobby Fair (June 2010)

Pussy cat pussy cat where have you been.....I've been to London to visit the Queen...well actually no, I haven't been to London to visit her, but for the last three days Khris and I celebrated the Queens Birthday in true marketeer style.....selling at a craft fair...lol

Above you can see us standing at our stall.....pic compliments of Dawn (thanks chicky), as it's a bit hard for either Khris or me to take a pic with both of us in it at the same time.

We had a great time and met lots of lovely people.....customers and stall holders combined. I didn't get a pic of her but you can just see her in some of the photos, but Tania next to us was a lovely lady....and we had lots of laughs with her over various things. She makes great wall hangings.....I should really have taken a photo of her...sorry Tania...next time I will though.

We had lots of sales, and boy did Khris's fabric go like hot cakes! When she's recovered from our big weekend, she'll open back up her fabric store in Oztion, and you can buy some for yourself. If you click on the link for her fabric and the store is still closed, it won't be long and she'll have it open again.....being that she's gone back to work today, and she has to check her inventory against what sold on the weekend.....she doesn't want to have fabric on offer to you, that she no longer has.


P.S. Forgot my manners too......a HUGE thank you to Lucky & Pat for the loan of a couple of tables and the use of their sack truck, hand trolley or trolley dolly...depending on what you call them! Your generosity to Khris and I, was very much appreciated.

Owl Placemat set

One of my 'owlie' customers, Pauline (no blog), put in a request for some owl placemats....with some green fabric on them. The pictures below, are what I came up with for her...she was rapt with them.....Now she wants a table cloth....lol Am starting to wonder whether I should buy extra owl fabric, just in case she wants curtains for her dine-in kitchen next...lol

The small dark green squares in the middle of the above pic, are the matching coasters for the placemat set. Just a little side not for anyone new to patchworking.....if you're thinking of making relatively small coasters and binding them, DON'T lol....they are sooooo fiddly, well the square ones were, I've made some hexagon ones and they weren't so fiddly, but then again they aren't done with binding strips either....maybe I should've constructed these using the same technique....hmmmm food for thought, but I think in future, I'll be making the more 'normal' (easier) coasters...hee hee hee.

This is a close up of one of the placemats (well derr!) and I think I even managed to pick one that all lined up for the magnified view...lol

The bottom pic shows the fabric I used for backing....it's got a slight flannel feel to it so I thought it would be good to stop the placemats and coasters sliding about too much if Pauline doesn't use a table cloth (but I now know she does!)


Zippered Tote Bag

Just recently, my friend Khris posted a free tutorial for a tote bag on her blog and I was thinking that it would be good to try one with a zip in, and ta-dah the above is said zippered tote bag! A very nice lady, whose name has slipped my mind (sorry) bought the bag at the Craft fair, to use for her knitting when she goes up to Darwin in a few weeks' time. I'm going to make some more of this style zippered bag for sure.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look what I did today

I went from this, to this.......in just a few hours!

Now for the back views (I do have side views, but this would look too much like a mug shot gallery then!). Before......

and after.......

So, there you have it, my new hair style and colour....and just in time for the Craft & Hobby Fair this weekend....hopefully I'll look a bit more welcoming now instead of my bogan self!

Since the beginning of June, I made another ruffle bag, using this tutorial, but instead of just three ruffles I put five, and I think it looks better, don't you?

Inside shot.....

And the inside from a different angle....as usual, the colours of this bag look way better in person...in my opinion anyway...lol

Just a reminder of what the red one looks like....here's a pic of it again....gotta love blatant bragging hey? lol


Monday, June 7, 2010

Christmas in July....sort of!

My friend Amanda from C-R-A-F-T is hosting a Christmas in July with a difference. She's challenged us all to make one project (pre determined, so no slaving over the internet to decide what to make for Uncle Jeremy or Auntie Francine...lol) a month for the next 6 months. So you can have a whole heap of things made by the end of November.

In addition to getting some valuable crafting time in, you also have the opportunity to win prizes...each month there's some fabric (of your choice) up for grabs....from The Fabric Cafe.

Either click on Amanda's name above or the picture of the Christmas Ornaments to head on over to Amanda's blog and sign up.....I have....lol


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the winner is................

As it's now officially 1st June here, and I have a hospital appointment tomorrow morning, I didn't want to make people wait any longer for the results......as you can see, Random.org drew out number 3 and this is what Anna wrote:

quiltmom said...3

What a lovely gift for a quilter to win- Someone is going to treasure your wonderful thimbles.
I can't believe I am your first commenter-
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

So, congratulations Anna, I'm about to email you for your snail mail address so I can mail the thimbles off to you whilst I'm out and about.

Thank you everyone for entering.......I wish I could give thimbles to you all, but alas, I can't. I will however have another giveaway in a few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out....I'm going to see what goodies I can find at the craft fair.....if I'm not too busy selling that is....*winks*