Monday, August 30, 2010

Thought I'd try out a Blog Hop just for fun!

I visited Robins blog earlier today, and saw she's having a mini giveaway, to be drawn this Friday (3rd Sept) and I thought it looked like fun, so I had to get in on the act....and tah-dah, I'm If you go to this post, you can enter my giveaway whilst you're here. Thanks for visiting me, I hope you either leave a comment on this post to let me know you dropped by, or you go enter my giveaway.

Also, please consider becoming part of the blog hop.


My August Challenge Item

I signed up for Amanda's Christmas in July challenge, and here's my entry for August. I'm pretty happy with it, and it was relatively quick and easy, once I'd decided on what decorations I was putting on the tree! I kinda like working under pressure, as I only started to make my entry for August this afternoon, but managed to finish it with 1 day, 21 hours to

The decorations are just rose beads and tubular beads, with a hematite star adorning the top.

If you'd like to read a bit more about Amanda's challenge, please click here.

Don't forget to enter my clicking here first though!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebrating my DGD's 3rd Birthday

Firstly, Happy Birthday Chubba, Nanny & Auntie Raels love you lots. As I missed my 200th post giveaway opportunity.....I thought I'd find a date this month that represented something to me.....and what better date, than the above little darlings' birthday. (Sorry to disappoint anyone, but the above pictured cutie, is not the prize!)

I know a while back I said I'd have a 'just coz I can' giveaway, and have gone back on my word.....but the just coz I can part, is the actual prize....I'm going to make it a mystery prize.....or even prizes, if I have enough people comment, perhaps I'll throw another 'item' in for every 30 comments.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment saying you'd like to be hoops to jump through, no crocodile infested waters to swim across, just leave a comment, and please, make sure I have a way to contact you in case you win.......I will close the comments off on September 10th and announce the winner on September 11th.

It won't earn you an extra entry, but feel free to promote my giveaway on your blog....remember the more entries, the more prizes I'll be giving It's entirely up to you if you want to or not though, so don't feel pressured...that's not what this giveaway is about.

Good luck and I look forward to reading all your comments.

P.S. A big thank you to my friend in Qld, Diana, for sending me the cute pic of TaShie. Didn't she do a great job? You should see the others that she's done....they're soooo cute.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just made this

I was looking around blogs....well what a surprise that must be to you all hey? lol....and stumbled across a pincushion tutorial here....near the end of the tutorial, I saw coaster mentioned, and thought "I can do that" and VOILA one pizza coaster! I call it that because the segments of the circle, remind me of how a pizza gets cut. What do you think? Should I try and make a matching set? If so, do you think I should follow a colour scheme - 2 or 3 colours.....OR, should I do 6 different colours? Tell me, tell me, tell me...please!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Day out to the Whispering Wall

Maz (my self adopted sister) came to stay at our place for the weekend, and yesterday I took her for a drive out to see the Whispering Wall as she'd never been there. Raelene couldn't come as she is still feeling pretty lousy with the flu.....I'm still trying, or rather my immune system, is still fighting it...fingers crossed I don't catch it.

The Whispering Wall is in fact the retaining wall of the Barossa Reservoir. Built between 1899 and 1903, the dam was a revolutionary engineering feat for its day and attracted attention from all over the world, even making its way into the pages of the journal Scientific American.

But what draws visitors to the Whispering Wall is its unique acoustic effects: words whispered at one side can be clearly heard at the other, more than 100 metres away. Children in particular love visiting the wall and testing its abilities.

Besides trying out the Whispering Wall, visitors can also learn about the history of the construction of the dam, take in the scenery of the water reserve and enjoy the colours and sounds of the peaceful bush setting. The information in italics is taken from this website

As we headed into Gawler, I noticed a sign at one of the roundabouts, advertising a LIONS club market.....and a slight detour down the next side street, voila, we were at said market (see above pic). It's a nice little market...more plants & Trash 'n' treasure than hand made goodies, but I did manage to score a big bag of poly stuffing that I can use in softies, and a basket I originally bought with the mind of using it on the stall, but Maz liked it so much, I gave it to her. I also bought Maz a sage plant from one of the stall holders.

Maz eating some hot donuts....I've read every page in the diet manual, and apparently if you buy hot donuts and only take photos of others eating them, then yours have no calories.....well I thought it was worth a I paid for it though....had a plus of 1.4kg on the scales this morning when I got on them, but my weight loss/gain yo-yo saga is a completely different story, and one I won't bore you with. (P.S. Maz will probably kill me for putting this photo on the blog, but I how could I resist...especially when there's no photographic evidence that I ate any? lol)

After our stop at the market, and once we'd eaten our yummy hot donuts, we finally made our way through Gawler, and off to the Whispering Wall.

The above three signs show information about the Whispering Wall and reservoir...unfortunately vandals and/or weather have obscured most of the information, but if you followed to above links, you will have been able to read about this ever so interesting landmark here in South Australia.

Anyone who knows Maz will know that she's just a little bit well known for her love of a bubbly called "Whispers" bizarre that of the three information signs, she just 'happened' to pose in front of the one with the word WHISPER on

This was taken from just near the carpark, to show the actual reservoir that the dam holds back.

This pic shows the view from the carpark end of the dam to the right.

This is a location marker that I was standing near, whilst I waited for Marion or Maz, to walk back around.

You may need to click on the above pic to enlarge it, but in case you don't have time, I told Maz to "wave for the camera" which she did...and you can just make her out waving at me.....bear in mind, that I told her this into the wall and it sounded to her like I was just near her....amazing!

If you look closely, you can just make Maz out as she walks around to the other side of the wall to give the acoustics a test. Hint....she's looking over the railing down the dam wall.

This was as Maz was walking back around to me. Notice I was kind and made her do the walk around the top of the dam??? lol

This was taken as we headed back to the car, to go back to Gawler, where we had a very filling lunch at Cafe Nova.

Had a quick trip to Spotlight on the way home, but alas they didn't have what I was after.....should've gone sooner to get the Minky fabric to make my DGD a pillow buddy that I saw on Elizabeth of twelvecraftstillchristmas blog.....I'll find the link for you so you can see what I wanted to make her.

Ah-ha, you can find part 1 of the tutorial here and part 2 of the tutorial here. Isn't it sooooo cute? So, as disappointed as I was to not have made it there in time to get the fabric to make her one of these, I did however get her some cute to hoot owl flanellete fabric to make her some pj's, some pretty brown pink and purple flowery cord fabric to make her a skirt and some folky owl chrissy fabric to make something for me! I'll edit this post a bit later today to add pics of the fabrics I got.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Jackie, and the fantastic people over at Accuquilt have got together to offer one lucky person the chance to win their own GO! I know I'd love to win it, and I'm sure at least one of you would too. So GO! on over to Jackies' blog to enter. The giveaway ends on August 26th so GO! GO! GO!

GOod luck


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jaybird quilts is having a sponsored giveaway from/by the FQS

OMG how cool would it be to win the above FQ bundle? I know I would be having a "pure"ly joyous time playing with them all. The giveaway is sponsored by the FAT QUARTER SHOP, but hosted by Jaybird Quilts. You have up to 5 chances of winning....this is my last task to get my 5th entry.....good luck, you have a couple more days to enter, as it closes on Thursday 19th August to enter...hurry though, I'd hate you to miss out, that would just be a PURE shame. Just click on the FQ bundle above to be whisked off to Jaybird quilts to enter.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ott Light special offer for Aussie crafters

I'm doing a friend a favour and putting these lights for sale on my blog.....these retail for $130+ and as a special offer, Sandy has agreed to offer them for $65.00 AUD + Postage....or if you're in Adelaide, a pick up/drop off is a possibility. The ones I have here for sale are all grey, however, if you're quick, she may still have a pink and a blue one. If you're interested, please email me to arrange payment/postage.

***Please note, there's only one light left.....hurry so you don't miss out***


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Melissa is hosting a Q.A.T.B swap

Morning peoples, just thought I'd share with you about a swap my DQ (Dag Quad...long story!) pal in USA is hosting. I, yes wittle old me, was the inspiration for the name of the swap, so how could I not go sign up hey? I'm sure it'll be a fun swap....and you get to choose what theme your blocks are. Anyway, I won't prattle on about it here, Melissa explains it very well on her blog, so click here to GO! over and read about it and decide if you too would like to sign up. GO! on, you know you really want Sign ups are until 22nd August 2010.

As I once read it wasn't good blog-etiquette to have a post without pictures, I popped in the gratuitous cute kitty Only to show that I do as I'm told.....some of the time...hee hee hee


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Custom order #1 completed

Above are two Owlie shelf sitters I made for Anita P in NSW.....she saw some others I made when I posted them in Facebook, and wanted one for each of her kiddlies. These will be flying off to their new home during this coming week.

I have another order for two more, one from stock (yay, I don't have to make all of them!) and one custom many greens as I could use, so I've managed to use 5 different ones, and will post a pic of it in this post a bit later today.....gotta go finish sewing it now!

I also have 2 more orders to daughter rang me yesterday and ordered 10 zippered wallets, two of which she'd like asap, and it just so happened I had two made up that she's having and the other 8 are required soon-ish...hee hee hee.

My other customer, Lizzie, plays golf with Raelene, and she needs a quilt block made up for a friends birthday, so guess who gets to make it???? Yeppers, me. I'll take pics and post it when it's done. Am just waiting for a response as to any changes I need to make to the design and then it'll be stitching station to the

Hope y'all are having a great day/night, it's cold, wet and windy here today.....brrrrrrrrrr.