Sunday, August 1, 2010

Custom order #1 completed

Above are two Owlie shelf sitters I made for Anita P in NSW.....she saw some others I made when I posted them in Facebook, and wanted one for each of her kiddlies. These will be flying off to their new home during this coming week.

I have another order for two more, one from stock (yay, I don't have to make all of them!) and one custom many greens as I could use, so I've managed to use 5 different ones, and will post a pic of it in this post a bit later today.....gotta go finish sewing it now!

I also have 2 more orders to daughter rang me yesterday and ordered 10 zippered wallets, two of which she'd like asap, and it just so happened I had two made up that she's having and the other 8 are required soon-ish...hee hee hee.

My other customer, Lizzie, plays golf with Raelene, and she needs a quilt block made up for a friends birthday, so guess who gets to make it???? Yeppers, me. I'll take pics and post it when it's done. Am just waiting for a response as to any changes I need to make to the design and then it'll be stitching station to the

Hope y'all are having a great day/night, it's cold, wet and windy here today.....brrrrrrrrrr.



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