Friday, July 27, 2012

Humour alert needed

Have you ever had one of those moments when you read something and it just makes you cry with laughing, well that's the case with Barbs blog post that I just read. If you click HERE you too can go read what just caused me to sound like a pack of hyenas crossed with Mutley. How funny....and as per my post subject line, it really should've come with a warning shouldn't it?  Well you can't really answer that until you've read the post....let me know if it made you laugh too....I'll wait for you to go read

Monday, July 23, 2012

Aussie Hero Quilt #1

There's a slight chance I haven't mentioned my prior disgust at this quilt on the blog, but oh did it give me the irits when my planned 'quick strippy' quilt as you go quilt didn't go according to plan.  I shot it all in a pile in another room when I hit a hurdle with the construction.

What's a gal to do when none of the squares lined up when I tried to join them via the video tutorial instructions....I trimmed all the squares (Thanks to Sharina for stopping me setting fire to them!) and they've now been joined a different way altogether.  I think the original layout was different, but I don't think it looks too bad the way it's ended up looking.

Here's a close up pic of one of the particular blocks....check out the fabric I managed to utilise in the quilt....this was one of many fabrics donated to me a while back from a Facebook Friend, as were a few of the other ones in this quilt.  How fitting is the wording on that one??? 

Here's a pic of the back of the quilt, showing the label I made for it.  Every time I tried to snap a pic of the back, the breeze picked up and blew the bottom of the quilt a bit....I gave up trying to get one of it just hanging nicely lol  Oh and introducing my own personal quilt police...Blackie the cat!  I'm not quite sure what he turned to look at, but he could've at least stayed gazing up at the quilt, which is what he was doing before I snapped the photo!

And a close up of the label, you may need to click on the pic to see it a bit clearer.

Now, this quilt is off to an undisclosed destination, however I can let you know it's going to a Naval officer.

I made use of an Aussie Flag panel on the front of the laundry bag, and popped his initials on the that he can easily identify his 'washing' no matter which way his bag is facing!  I have a pic of the back, but won't share that just yet....not that I expect he reads my blog, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to or not, so will play safe and not show it.

A little birdie told us that he's getting engaged soon, so I've popped an Engagement Card in the box with the quilt etc, from all at Aussie Hero Quilts.  Hopefully we'll hear back when the box arrives, and I can share a pic or a link to a pic over at the AHQ website of him receiving his package, which his 'boss' has organised for him.

If there was any room in the box (which there won't be unfortunately), I would squish in a beanie that I've crocheted, but I may save those for the Christmas Welfare mailing, as mentioned on the AHQ blog last night.

Don't forget, if you want to help out, or just read more about what everyone else is up to, then please scoot on over to the AHQ blog...don't forget to tell Jan-Maree that I sent you!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Measly results of FNSI

As pathetic as it seems, this was all I managed for FNSI, even though I was awake ALL night!  I did however plot plan several secret projects that are for future swaps, so they will be revealed at a later date!

 I managed to make a few siggy blocks for a swap I'm hosting on Facebook....we have over 70 members now, although a few have left the swap due to them having enough blocks for their projects.  One had chosen Christmas themed fabrics, and is going to make a Christmas table cloth with her siggy fun is that?  It'll certainly be a talking point in her family for years to come hey?

I know you're probably all shocked to see what I choose as my centre adornment right? lol  Of course it's an owl...and it's a cute one hey?  Wish I could say I drew it, but it was off a quilt pattern and I just reduced its size till it was the right size for the siggies.  I add the heart though!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Aussie Heroes

Some of you already know that I have a close working relationship with my wonderful online friend Jan Maree, the "matriarch" so to speak, behind Aussie Hero Quilts & Laundry Bags, and that's because you do too. But for those of you who haven't heard of us....we're a bunch of quilters/sewists, mainly from all over Australia, who are making quilts and laundry bags for our Soldiers (whether they are Air Force, Army or Navy) serving overseas, whether that is Afghanistan, East Timor, in fact anywhere where we (Australia) have a 'presence' is where we'll send quilts to them.

The quilts are theirs to keep, even after they return home, but in order to spread the word, we need YOU!  If you know anyone within the armed forces serving overseas, or about to, please ask them if they've heard of Aussie Heroes and if they haven't, send them a link to the blog  or a link for the group on Facebook (Jan-Maree is looking for 9 more likers before the end of this weekend....go on, you know you want to lol)

Us friends of Aussie Heroes, do what we do with love, respect and most importantly, gratitude for our Aussie Heroes efforts.  We're all about the people, not the politics or the mission.

If you have time and the ability to make a quilt or a laundry bag, you can find all the info at the top of the blog page.  There's also an option to donate fabric (100% quilters cotton please), cotton batting or a donation into the bank account to allow batting etc to be bought and shared amongst those Friends of Aussie Heroes who need it.

For anyone just hearing about Aussie Hero Quilts (AHQ) for the first time, here's a brief run down on what's been achieved by AHQ since inception about 10 or so months ago.  Well over 300 quilts have either been mailed to Aussie Soldiers around the world, or are being geared up for mailing in the coming weeks.  Countless Laundry bags have been sent and numerous care packages (Tim Tams etc - listed here)

Friday, July 13, 2012

I've snuck out from my hidey hole

OMG, you must be thinking I'm so rude....over a month with no post....must be a world record for me...ok so not quite, but pretty darn close....I can't keep my mouth shut this long in real life so I don't see why the blog should be any different. I won't bore you with long drawn out excuses....suffice to say, two things, the flu and a sore big toe! So I bet you're wondering what's dragged me out of silence, right?

Friday night sew's on again tonight...well for us in the Southern Hemisphere it's tonight, but for those in the Northern Hemisphere it's on tomorrow can still click below and head on over to sign up.  I'm in, will you be????

Handmade by Heidi