Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sewing and my new Light Box/Trolley

One of our friends, Natalie, is on holidays from work at the moment, and I talked her into (see Diana, you're not the only one I've pursuaded into making a bag!) sewing her 1st bag. She selected some pretty purple fabric, and away she went. She made a Bow Tucks Tote. Between going out and sleeping, it took her under two days to complete. Here's a couple of pics that show off Natalies new bag. Didn't she do a great job?

Now, for the other part of this friend Barbara found out (thanks to Sue for telling Barb) that I was after a light box for tracing off stitcheries and offered me this little, well quite big really,'s on wheels so I can wheel it around to wherever I want to use it.....I still need to clean it up, but I wanted to post pics on here so just took them before Sadie the cleaning lady set to it with windex!

Ok folks, that's all for now, I have some sewing to do, before the pool calls out for me to go splash around, and I have a hospital appointment today at 3.30pm....has to be a hot day when they decided to make my appointment so late in the day....aaaaargh.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A belated...I won I won I won!

A wee while back, I was fortunate enough to be drawn as one of the winners on Terri's (of Sew Fantastic fame) great 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. To see a list of all the winners, including me, click on the title link. Star Primm gave me an option on my win, to either pick a print from her Etsy shop, or I could have a copy of her "Oliver the Owl" pattern....well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out which I'd pick hey? lol A big thank you to Terri and Star for a great giveaway.

I would've blogged about this sooner, but I really wanted to make an owl up for Khristina for Christmas, and wanted it to be a that's why I'm only just blogging about my win now!

Yesterday, although we had a little bit of confusion about why Khris was visiting me, we got there in the end, and I'd made the owl for her in the it would be ready for when she got here....I was a bit concerned about her liking the owl.....seens as though Raelenes face lit up when I first showed it to her, and then she decided she didn't like the wing fabric choice I'd made, but I was fairly confident (ok, more like hopeful..lmao) that Khris would like it.

I was right, she loved it, or at least that's what she said when she unwrapped it. Here's a couple of pics of the completed owl, and also a gratuitous shot of Khris holding her new parliament member....tee hee hee....see Khris, I don't need to make you another one, you already have a parliament *grins*

Just edited to change the pic of Khris.....she photoshopped my pic, so I've now got one that she's happier with!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dee Dee the Dolphin - just finished

I was blogging yesterday....just for a came across Teresa's blog. She had made 3 of these cute little dolphins.....which end up around 16" long (according to the pattern that is...haven't measured my wee girl yet). Anyhow, what do you think? I like it in the blue and purple.

It's from the latest Australian Homespun magazine...which I now own....the latest issue not the magazine as a whole...I wish, I'd be rich, AND I'd get first peeks at all the goodies that would be in upcoming wouldn't that be a cushy little number? The pattern is by Melly & Me, and from what I gather, can only be gotten via the magazine, as it's not on their blog anywhere.

Let me know what you think of Dee Dee # 1....I'm sure I'll be making more of these was fun to make.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hot off the press

Well, not actually a press, but the sewing machine and ironing board! Raelene designed and made this Santa Boot Ornament today....isn't it cool? I popped a couple of Candy canes I received in a Xmas in July swap I was in earlier this year (probably around July funnily enough!). Hmmmmm why couldn't we have had these made up for the stall this year? What would you fill your Santa Boot with????

Naomi & Raelene

Giveaways time....all finish before Christmas '09

Here's a couple that I've come across this morning.......the first one I couldn't find a direct link to, however if you use Google translate, you need to translate from Norwegian to whatever language you speak (and Chris H, swearing is not considered a language...well not to Google anyway! Sorry mate)

Housewife blog is having a 6 month anniversary to blogging sure to pop over and wish her a happy 6 month birthday and enter her giveaway, just click on the photo below.

This is another one you'll need to use Google translate for, unless you speak fluent Norwegian...which I don't alas. Check out the pincushion and great tin you can possibly win, aren't they too cute. You know the on the photo below to be whisked away to her blog to enter. Good luck.

Ryan Walsh, over at "I'm just a guy who quilts" is also hosting a giveaway. Simple enough to enter....and no google translate needed for this one! Check out the pic for what you could win, and click on it to go to the giveaway post.....Good luck.

Unless I find some more later on, that's it for today.....good luck if you enter any of the giveaways I've mentioned.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Swap from KA finally arrived!

Am I spoilt or what....and do you think perhaps KA knows I love purple things?!? lol I got my package at about 4.25pm today, and took photos of all my goodies, then went for a quick dip in the paddling pool....coz it's a stinking hot day here today.....and now I'm back inside posting the pics on my blog.

Here's what she got me, in order of being opened....although I must admit, I opened the S packages round the wrong way, but took photos of them in order seens as though I wasn't allowed to open the card to see which was the correct order, until after I'd opened them all.

C is for Coasters and not only are they coasters, but they're Christmas Coasters....cute huh?

And H is for Ham Bag and a Happiness Kit.....I'm almost tempted to buy a ham before Xmas now...I'm usually a scrooge and buy one just after the silly season, when they're trying to get rid of them cheap!

R is for Ribbon....a lovely Christmassy one too!

I is for Incense and Incense holder....purple...what other colour would they be for me!

S is for Scissors.....purple....gonna modify them slightly and add a beaded lariat to them as the protective cap has a hole that I can use to add one to!

T is for Treasure Tin, which included such wonderful delights as a tape measure in a tin (purple....well derr!), 4 fat quarters, lots of buttons and embelishments for me to use on projects in the coming year....see extra pics below to show some of the wee buttons....can you believe she found a mouse trap button and a gravestone one? I can, because I now own them!

M is for Manicure set.....she must know I like these types of cosmetic stuff....don't use face creams or make a manicure set is a great aid for someone like me.

A is for An owl keyring....and no Khristina, you can't have it, it's mine, mine ALL Isn't it a great looking owl?

This time, S is for Safety Pins in a purple tin......and again.....well derr!!!!

In addition to the goodies, she also sent along a nice card, which I've collaged with the explanation of all the pressies.

So, all in all, I'm one spoilt crafter hey? I'm going to be cheeky now, and blatantly self promote my swap/pif thingy....don't forget I'm hosting one...sign up is until 31st Jan.....just email me if you want to sign up for it....and you have 11 months to complete the swaps.

Hugs and a huge thank you to my swap partner KA. Merry Christmas mate.

Owl Apron just finished

Marion was here for our regular Tuesday night "Stitchin Sisters" last night....and wanted to make her friend a BBQ between us, this is what we came up with for him.....Peter loves owls too.....I so wanted to see it finished that I completed it today for her.....then rang her to ask if she minded if I finished it off.....she laughed and said no, so I said "good, coz I just finished it" lol

Some may recognise the owl, I've done the same applique on a bag giveaway I had a while's in different colours this time.....and the apron fabric isn't the best.....but Peter's a bloke and is only going to use it for when he's cooking a BBQ so didn't bother with anything too flash!

Think I might have to make some more aprons now....this one was heaps of fun to do.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Started, and FINISHED a bag today...hooot hooot!

My friend Chrissy's sister, Pauline, (sounds a bit like I know a bloke who knows a bloke hey?) collects and loves owls....earlier this year I made her a toiletries bag with owls on and said I'd finally make her the owl bag I've been promising her for-e-ver!

Here's her new owl off the press less than an hour ago. Let me know what you think.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nurse Lizzie

Hi everyone,

I had a hospital appointment this morning (nothing major, just have to have a procedure done next wednesday - yucky one, so won't be too descript about it...don't want you feeling sick) and at the hospital, one of the Outpatients nurses, Lizzie, is a lovely lady, and every year, from December 1st she adds Christmas Decorations to her uniform.

She jingles and jangles where ever she walks.....AND brings a smile to many a grumpy, or not so grumpy patient waiting to be seen. The kids love it too, and keep talking for ages after she's walked past about..."did you see that one?" or "did you see how her hat flashes?".

Well, today I took her in a jingle owl decoration that I'd removed the hanger from and attached it to a brooch setting.....she loved it.....see photo below....I took the camera with me, and asked for her permission to pop a photo up of her on my blog......isn't she adorable?

If you look, on the right (but her left!) of the top of her apron, you can see the jingle owl brooch I gave her.


Marions Latest Bag

Some of you may remember that on Tuesdays, some of my friends come over for "Stitchin Sisters" and I help them with making bags etc.....well Marion (remember this???) wanted to make another Bootie Bag, so I'm posting pics of the one we made on's a real cute size, but unfortunately, the lining colour doesn't really show up too good, but take my word for it, it soooo suits the bag.

Here's another pic of it....didn't she do a great job? Although at one stage, there were up to 3 of us all sewing it/helping her sew it at once!!!!


C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Swap all packaged up

Hi again...yesterday I mailed off the above package (once it was all sealed up off course!) to KA in's the goodies that I, for the most part, made for her as part of a CHRISTMAS Swap we signed up for in a craft group we're both in. I have pics of most of them, but got too excited about wrapping them up to remember to slow down and take pics of all of I'll have to hope KA can remember to take lots of pics so I can show you what was inside. This Christmas swap is kind of different from the normal advent type ones you see around the traps....with this one, you send a present starting with each of the 9 letters of the word Chrismas. For instance, here's a copy of what someone got in the same type of swap but back in July 2009.....

C - Charm Squares & Credit Holder
H - Handled Handbag
R - Recipe Book
I - Letter I magnet & Iron on Mender
S - Star Pins
T - Tape in a tin
M - Mug
A - Angel in a box
S - Safety Pins

However, that's not what I've shown wrapped in the box it doesn't matter if she peaks or not! lol I hope she likes what I have sent her as I had lots of fun making things, and thinking of what to do for the letters...and I have gotten better with being more creative with my choices too!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Check out the pressie I got the other day

My good friend Barbara sent me a I spoilt or what? Thank you soooo much Barbara....sending lots of huge hugs to you.

The above pic shows what was inside the package.....2 of her own design patterns for me to try out for her (I kind of knew I was getting these though, but still a great pressie for any serious bagaholic makers!) and then on top of that I got 3 different types of interfacing stuffs....1 x fusible fleece (I'd asked about it as we don't get it here in Australia...and if we do, I don't think it's called that...the closes I've seen is Fusible Pellon, which costs an arm, a leg and half a kidney) 1 x craft tex (Which is very similar to Timtex) & 1 x Woven fusible interfacing.

Once I have a couple more projects out the way...there'll be pics on here of the 2 bags I make up from Barbara's patterns.

If you'd like to check out her blog, click here, and if you'd like to check out her Ebay store, to buy some of her goodies (she has some great bag patterns at really good prices, as well as lots of different options in the fusible fleece and interfacing items) then please click here. Don't forget to tell her you heard about her from me.


Sew Fantastics 12 Days of Christmas giveaway

Terri over at Sew Fantastic is hosting a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway.....head on over to her blog to find out what's on offer, and sign up for them whilst you're there....I know I have!

Good luck and don't forget to let me know if you win.


Holiday Giveaway

Click on the title above, to be whisked away to the giveaway posting over at Making the World Cuter. You wouldn't believe how many prizes are up for grabs....from lots of very generous people.

Good luck


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look what else I unwrapped this morning

Look at the gorgeous card first.......the tree has a matching stamp and Lauren (my dag twin!) has done the stamp as a shadow behind the cool is that? (Please note Lauren, it still doesn't mean I want to do scrapbooking....sorry hun)

In front of the card, you can almost see the gorgeous ornament she made me in a swap we both went into, in an online craft group we're both members of. What was that? You want to see the ornament a bit better???? Oh ok, here ya go, it's covering the card a little bit, but you've already seen that!

I'm going to refer to the ornie as my Happy Heart Deco from now on, or HHD for short! Isn't HHD so cute? I love the bright colours....and such a perfect heart shaped face. Makes you wanna just cuddle him all day he's so cute.

In the pic above, can you see the purple paper????? Ha ha ha WRONG, it's not paper at all, it's a purple fat favourite colour. The fat quarter is also featured underneath the items in the other pics.....covered up all the stains I've managed to get on my big board cover!

Once again, thank you so much Lauren.


P.S. I just let the craft group know that I'd be posting my ornie on my blog and Lauren responded telling me that she didn't actually make the card.....soooooo OOOOPS our bad.....but it is a handmade card none the less.

My Halloween Swap doll has arrived

Tuesday I went out, and whilst I was out, the postman delivered a Parcel notice to tell me to go pick the parcel up at the post office. By the time I got home on Tuesday, it was too late to go get it, but yesterday morning I went and got it. This parcel was awaiting me.

As much as I wanted to rip it open, I had a bad hair day yesterday, and thought I'd wait till I was in a better mood this morning and open it up and take pics of it all.

This was my bumps in the night swap doll ALL the way from Becky Stancill in North Carolina.

This is a pic of my Annie, I love the colours of the fabrics in her dress.....the dotty one especially. Her dress is hand sewn.....OMG Becky, you have WAY more patience than me.

In addition to Annie, I also got this great hand knitted flower brooch/pin. I don't really wear brooches much, so I can see I'm going to have to make myself a flash looking bag/purse to put this on. It's lovely colours, which don't really show up as well as I'd have liked in the photo.

Then last of all, she made me this cute tissue pocket....the fabric on this is unusual in that all those dots are raised. For all the other tactile people out there....YES I do keep feeling the raised's almost as bad a compulsion as popping bubble wrap!

Thank you so much for being my swap partner Becky, I love ALL my goodies.