Wednesday, December 16, 2009

C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S Swap from KA finally arrived!

Am I spoilt or what....and do you think perhaps KA knows I love purple things?!? lol I got my package at about 4.25pm today, and took photos of all my goodies, then went for a quick dip in the paddling pool....coz it's a stinking hot day here today.....and now I'm back inside posting the pics on my blog.

Here's what she got me, in order of being opened....although I must admit, I opened the S packages round the wrong way, but took photos of them in order seens as though I wasn't allowed to open the card to see which was the correct order, until after I'd opened them all.

C is for Coasters and not only are they coasters, but they're Christmas Coasters....cute huh?

And H is for Ham Bag and a Happiness Kit.....I'm almost tempted to buy a ham before Xmas now...I'm usually a scrooge and buy one just after the silly season, when they're trying to get rid of them cheap!

R is for Ribbon....a lovely Christmassy one too!

I is for Incense and Incense holder....purple...what other colour would they be for me!

S is for Scissors.....purple....gonna modify them slightly and add a beaded lariat to them as the protective cap has a hole that I can use to add one to!

T is for Treasure Tin, which included such wonderful delights as a tape measure in a tin (purple....well derr!), 4 fat quarters, lots of buttons and embelishments for me to use on projects in the coming year....see extra pics below to show some of the wee buttons....can you believe she found a mouse trap button and a gravestone one? I can, because I now own them!

M is for Manicure set.....she must know I like these types of cosmetic stuff....don't use face creams or make a manicure set is a great aid for someone like me.

A is for An owl keyring....and no Khristina, you can't have it, it's mine, mine ALL Isn't it a great looking owl?

This time, S is for Safety Pins in a purple tin......and again.....well derr!!!!

In addition to the goodies, she also sent along a nice card, which I've collaged with the explanation of all the pressies.

So, all in all, I'm one spoilt crafter hey? I'm going to be cheeky now, and blatantly self promote my swap/pif thingy....don't forget I'm hosting one...sign up is until 31st Jan.....just email me if you want to sign up for it....and you have 11 months to complete the swaps.

Hugs and a huge thank you to my swap partner KA. Merry Christmas mate.


  1. Congrats Naomi, I would have loved that lot too, cos you see, I too am a Purple girl!
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
    May it bring lots and lots of time for crafting.

  2. Wow what an awesome haul! You spoilt tart you.
    AND I would HIDE that wee owl keyring from Khristina if I was you...cos it is VERY PRETTY. lol
    put my name in for the swap thingee...

  3. Wow! you are a lucky girl! Lovely.

  4. wow cool stuff well done KA.....great haul

  5. Glad you liked your goodies. I was not as good as you and make lots of home made stuff...... but I did make the ham bag LOL. Glad you like it all. I love all the home made things I got from you and I should really blog about them all LOL


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