Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marions Latest Bag

Some of you may remember that on Tuesdays, some of my friends come over for "Stitchin Sisters" and I help them with making bags etc.....well Marion (remember this???) wanted to make another Bootie Bag, so I'm posting pics of the one we made on's a real cute size, but unfortunately, the lining colour doesn't really show up too good, but take my word for it, it soooo suits the bag.

Here's another pic of it....didn't she do a great job? Although at one stage, there were up to 3 of us all sewing it/helping her sew it at once!!!!



  1. Love it - must make more of them myself.....well done marion

  2. love this bag, aww heck you're to blame for my bag obsession at the moment you bad thing, supposed to be making dolls, lol. Do you make the lining taller is that how you get the fabric at top? Oh so want one, lol. Hugs


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