Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look what else I unwrapped this morning

Look at the gorgeous card first.......the tree has a matching stamp and Lauren (my dag twin!) has done the stamp as a shadow behind the cool is that? (Please note Lauren, it still doesn't mean I want to do scrapbooking....sorry hun)

In front of the card, you can almost see the gorgeous ornament she made me in a swap we both went into, in an online craft group we're both members of. What was that? You want to see the ornament a bit better???? Oh ok, here ya go, it's covering the card a little bit, but you've already seen that!

I'm going to refer to the ornie as my Happy Heart Deco from now on, or HHD for short! Isn't HHD so cute? I love the bright colours....and such a perfect heart shaped face. Makes you wanna just cuddle him all day he's so cute.

In the pic above, can you see the purple paper????? Ha ha ha WRONG, it's not paper at all, it's a purple fat favourite colour. The fat quarter is also featured underneath the items in the other pics.....covered up all the stains I've managed to get on my big board cover!

Once again, thank you so much Lauren.


P.S. I just let the craft group know that I'd be posting my ornie on my blog and Lauren responded telling me that she didn't actually make the card.....soooooo OOOOPS our bad.....but it is a handmade card none the less.


  1. Sowwwy... I would have LOVED to keep my mouth shut and bask in your praise... but just my luck the creator would have been blog hopping and found it LMAO. Credit where credit's due :) Enjoy your owl... You'll have to think of a name now!

  2. I love HHD. Very, very sweet and so happy looking. Maybe Lauren supervised the card making? I didn't know purple was your favorite color????

  3. Its very exciting getting packages I was very jealous watching you all receive your parcels I hadnt been confident enough to join in and I was regretting it. Then yesterday out of the blue I had a liitle parcel from Venice and it made my day.

  4. Hello Naomi! Thank you for visiting me and joining my blog! Do you like owls too???!!
    Please, feel free to e-mail me if you need the pattern of the cross-stitch owl, I'm happy to help you!


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