Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And the winner is.....

As you can see, I used the spiffy number generator at Random.org and it selected number 16, which according to my list is Doina who said....

Doina said...

Beautiful bag!
Congratulations on your 50th post!

Congratulations Doina.....please email me your snail mail address as soon as possible so I can mail your bag off to you.

For everyone else who entered, I wish I was rich and could afford to send you all something, but as I'm not, please accept my thanks and honour that you came over to my blog and entered my giveaway.....I'll host a few more now that I know how easy they are to do! lol


Monday, August 10, 2009

What my stars say about me, and what type of Chinese animal am I

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Hmmmm wonder how many people would've guessed I'd be a monkey! LOL


Background change.....

Well, what do you think....shall I keep it? To help you in your decision....I've gone for butterfly background, in honour of my darling grand daughter TaShie who turns 2 on the 25th August.....her nickname as such, is Butterfly TaShie (pronounced Ta - Shy) so as you see, it rhymes with butterfly!

Leave a comment and let me know if you like the new background.....I got it from here and as I just found out, by trial and error.....the html codes weren't available for the version of firefox I use, so I just reverted to IE for a moment to grab the html code, and pasted it into my blog via firefox and tah dah it worked!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Another giveaway to enter

Whilst you're here checking out my 50th Post giveaway....here's a giveaway for 30,000 hits.....gee I'm lucky to have 100, let alone 30,000 lol

Click HERE to go to the site that's having a Hint of Pink Giveaway.

Before you go though, please enter my giveaway in the post below this one.


It's Giveaway time at last!!!! Hoot Hoot

Yes folks, this is my 50th post giveaway........finally.....who would've thought it would take a gas bagger like me so long to make 50 posts! lol

I have had a few discussions with some friends (and yes, I do have some!) and have decided to make this one of the easiest giveaways to enter....just leave a comment on this post....and make sure there's some way I can contact you should you win, and ta-dah you've entered....simple huh? What's the drawback I hear you say? THERE ISN'T ONE.....I just wanted to make this as easy for me as it is for you....and what a simpler way for me to do the behind the scenes stuff....than run the giveaway as simple as possible!

I guess you're out there wondering what it is you'll be getting should your name be the one drawn out of the hat......well wait no more. I feel like there should be a trumpet fanfare or a drum roll at the very least, but failing either of them being in your imagination, here's the HOOT BAG

The bag does have rather long handles...but if you win it and want to shorten them.....feel free! lol It has a magnet inside and an inner pocket, as you can see in the following pic.

So, don't forget, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment....and you have until midnight August 24th to enter.

GOOD LUCK & Hoot Hoot.


P.S. Please note, this was my first SOLO attempt at applique, so it's not perfect, but I think it's still cute.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I won I won I won something!

I don't know if you remember reading that I'd entered a couple of giveaways last month or not....but one I entered was on Barb's blog of Barb's Creation fame.....it was her Christmas In July giveaway and my name was drawn out for 2nd prize....Have a look at what I won.

Here's the funny thing.....I was expecting a package from Barb, but didn't realise she lives in Australia, so when the package arrived today, I couldn't work out what it was straight away! Derr....I opened the card as soon as I spied it, and then was so excited about opening the parcel up, I could hardly wait to grab the camera! But I just managed to control myself and here's the pic of the card and my fabric wrapping gift all still wrapped up!

As you can see I opened up the fabric outer wrapping to reveal the delightful and bright covered journal....isn't it great.....have had to tell Khris she can't have it! She had her eyes on my owl one from the Friends Swap too...I dunno....boss ladies, or bossy ladies get a bit greedy at times don't they? lmao

Inside the journal cover there were some 'extras', another fat quarter of Christmassy fabric and some write on sticky tabs.....aren't I a lucky gal???

In this last photo, you can read the lovely card that Barb sent me. Thanks so much for hosting the swap Barb. It's getting close to me hosting a wee giveaway soon, so make sure you all think about signing up for it....coz it's only a message or two away now!


Blackwood market stall set up

On Sunday 2nd August I went flying without wings! lol In other words, Khris and I managed to double book 2 markets on the same day. So what else were 2 budding entrepreneurs to do, but split the stock and head off to the two markets? lol

I got to do Blackwood market and the photo on the left shows how I'd set up the stall. As you can see we had a relatively large space (larger than we had at our first market I might add) because there were two pianos in the corner that I was asked to 'decorate' up! I even draped a blue crochet blanket over the piano stool to make use of every possible surface......obviously the stall didn't look quite as pretty as Khris would've set up, but it still looked good I think!

Sales weren't crash hot, but once again, I had a fun day......after discussion with Khris, we might give them one more month trial and then stop going if sales don't increase next month. Although the cost of the stall may decrease slightly next month as we now have our own insurance coverage!


Hoot Hoot Earrings

I've been shopping again (or as Raelene and several others in agreeance with her would say....STILL!) and bought myself a pair of button earrings with owls on them.....aren't they cute? Bit different to other owl earrings out there, which is what attracted me to them.

If you can't read it on the pic, they say "Owl catch you later"


Mug bags for sale

Do you know anyone who does casual employment or is an agency worker? Looking for something original or unique to by them for a present? Then look no further.....these mug bags are great.....buy a nice mug to put inside it and VOILA useful gift at your fingertips.

Price is $18 plus postage and can be made in alternate fabrics if I can locate it for purchase (that's if it's not already hiding away in my 'fabric collection'!)

Private Swap with Aunt Pitty Pat

As I missed out on her 2nd Annie Swap, Aunt Pitty Pat and I arranged a private, one on one swap.....here's what she sent me......isn't the doll huge? Well in comparison to the one I sent her....it's all in the pattern sizing! lol We used exactly the same pattern as each other, but used different sized pattern pieces as mine was just printed out and from what I can gather, M traced hers off her puter screen at 100% lol So mine was a baby in comparison. If you head over to her blog by clicking here you will be whisked away to the post about my swap doll.

Anyway, without any further adieu, or however it's spelt, here's the pic of what she sent me. She's a blonde just like me hey? lol

Thanks for the swap M, hope you enjoyed the swap as much as I did.


Christmas in July Swap

I participated in a Christmas in July swap with Pat Brammer and finally I've managed to take pics and post them on here to show off my goodies. Before showing y'all the pics, here's a list of what I got, bear in mind we had to buy/make a gift for each of the letters in the word Christmas:

C = Coasters......with lovely Roosters/hens on and the backing fabric is fantastic too!
H = OMG this was a gorgeous quilted handbag
R = A 2 & 1/2 " square ruler
I = Iowa Cookbook - Some great recipes in there as well as some funny hints
S = A pair of purple (my fave colour) socks and a Jr slinky
T = A quilted table topper - my first one EVER, so thanks Pat.
M = Material....haven't measured it, but feels like a few yards and it's gorgeous
A = An Apron and an Angel button (Funny how we both did something 'Angelic' for A lol)
S = Surprise which was the gorgeous red and white quilt....and can you see it has an owl in the middle bottom row....YAY! Gotta love owls!

This pic shows you the whole hoard in the one pic...the next couple show close ups of all the goodies I got.

Thank you so much for being such a great swap partner Pat, I hope you liked what I sent you in return.

Hugs Naomi

Another blanket for sale