Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Private Swap with Aunt Pitty Pat

As I missed out on her 2nd Annie Swap, Aunt Pitty Pat and I arranged a private, one on one's what she sent me......isn't the doll huge? Well in comparison to the one I sent's all in the pattern sizing! lol We used exactly the same pattern as each other, but used different sized pattern pieces as mine was just printed out and from what I can gather, M traced hers off her puter screen at 100% lol So mine was a baby in comparison. If you head over to her blog by clicking here you will be whisked away to the post about my swap doll.

Anyway, without any further adieu, or however it's spelt, here's the pic of what she sent me. She's a blonde just like me hey? lol

Thanks for the swap M, hope you enjoyed the swap as much as I did.


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  1. cool swap and both dolls turned out so different but both are really are getting good at those dolls now eh


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