Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I won I won I won something!

I don't know if you remember reading that I'd entered a couple of giveaways last month or not....but one I entered was on Barb's blog of Barb's Creation was her Christmas In July giveaway and my name was drawn out for 2nd prize....Have a look at what I won.

Here's the funny thing.....I was expecting a package from Barb, but didn't realise she lives in Australia, so when the package arrived today, I couldn't work out what it was straight away! Derr....I opened the card as soon as I spied it, and then was so excited about opening the parcel up, I could hardly wait to grab the camera! But I just managed to control myself and here's the pic of the card and my fabric wrapping gift all still wrapped up!

As you can see I opened up the fabric outer wrapping to reveal the delightful and bright covered journal....isn't it great.....have had to tell Khris she can't have it! She had her eyes on my owl one from the Friends Swap too...I dunno....boss ladies, or bossy ladies get a bit greedy at times don't they? lmao

Inside the journal cover there were some 'extras', another fat quarter of Christmassy fabric and some write on sticky tabs.....aren't I a lucky gal???

In this last photo, you can read the lovely card that Barb sent me. Thanks so much for hosting the swap Barb. It's getting close to me hosting a wee giveaway soon, so make sure you all think about signing up for it....coz it's only a message or two away now!



  1. well done you, and a great haul as well

  2. well done girl,cheers Vickie

  3. Oh my Naomi,
    thought you knew! I saw your name as a winner and was doing the happy dance and the kids thought that I won , I said, "I know this lady"! whoohoo congratulations...nice stuff!

  4. You better hide the red journel Naomi or Khris will have her eyes on it, lol. Congratulations on your win, well done.
    Hugs Diana


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