Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blackwood market stall set up

On Sunday 2nd August I went flying without wings! lol In other words, Khris and I managed to double book 2 markets on the same day. So what else were 2 budding entrepreneurs to do, but split the stock and head off to the two markets? lol

I got to do Blackwood market and the photo on the left shows how I'd set up the stall. As you can see we had a relatively large space (larger than we had at our first market I might add) because there were two pianos in the corner that I was asked to 'decorate' up! I even draped a blue crochet blanket over the piano stool to make use of every possible surface......obviously the stall didn't look quite as pretty as Khris would've set up, but it still looked good I think!

Sales weren't crash hot, but once again, I had a fun day......after discussion with Khris, we might give them one more month trial and then stop going if sales don't increase next month. Although the cost of the stall may decrease slightly next month as we now have our own insurance coverage!



  1. It looks great Naomi, fingers crossed for the next one he

  2. Looks good. Robin and I used to walk around shows to see how everyone set up their booths and borrowed ideas. We always told them (booth vendors) what we were doing and everyone really wants everyone to succeed.


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