Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's not all about the freebies...well it is kind of....lol

Let me explain the title....well try to anyway....I don't want you all to think that all I'm going to have on my blog is giveaways, but I will try and save you money when I can....I'm going to start sharing tutorials etc that I find, or have found useful.....to kick things off, here's a good photo tutorial and pattern link on a simple paper (foundation) pieced heart block. Yes, I could've found a template and done my own tutorial, but why re-invent the wheel when it's already out on the www. Thanks to Mojoquilts for generously sharing the photo tutorial. Now off you go and create! I'd love to see pics if you give her tutorial a try....so please leave a comment with a link to wherever it is you've shared pics at. Happy sewing.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Affair With My Brother...: Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway

Love Affair With My Brother...: Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway: Want the chance to win a Hometown by Sweetwater Jelly Roll? Then click the link above to head on over to the Love Affair with my Brother (Sewing machine not sibling!) blog to enter. Giveaway ends on August 29th 2011. Good luck

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its Sew Kiki: Giveaway Day!!!

Its Sew Kiki: Giveaway Day!!!: Sew Kiki is hosting a giveaway for the Fat Quarter Shop....it ends on Monday August 29th, 2011...You can win a Sophie by Chez Moi for Moda Jelly Roll. Good luck

quiltscapes: "STASH"

quiltscapes: "STASH": Deonn says...I won, you win!! Playing along with Madame Samm's " Wantobe Quilter " campaign!

For your chance to win, click on the above link and enter. Ends on Monday. Good luck

CricutLvr!!: 800 Follower GiveAway!!

CricutLvr!!: 800 Follower GiveAway!!: Hello my bloggy friends!! Elsa has decided to have a giveaway when she reaches 800 followers!! She's getting closer, I'm follower 699...see if you can help her reach 800 and at the same time, you could win her great prize. Good luck.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More giveaways and a show 'n' tell by me!

Moosestash Quilting is hosting a Go! Baby giveaway that ends on Sept 2nd, so be sure to click the photo above and enter...Good Luck. I really want one of these...especially now I've started doing more patchwork 'stuff' lol

No, I haven't made a boo boo, and no, you're not seeing double, well technically you are seeing double, but that's only because I'm sharing with you two, yes you read it right TWO giveaways for Go! Baby cutters. The 2nd one is at Red Pepper Quilts, and ends on 25th August 2011, so hurry and GO! enter. Good luck.

Don't forget, you can sign up below for the Accuquilt newsletter and get 22 free patterns, by clicking on the following image:
22 Free Patterns - Download Now

A Creative Grids Ruler Giveaway

Karen in Ireland is hosting an international giveaway for the above Creative Grids rulers and blade sharpener...who wouldn't want to extend the life of their blades? I know I'm one who definately likes to save a dollar here and there...more to spend on fabric! As usual, click on the photo above to head over to her blog to enter. Ends on 31st August 2011. Good Luck

Above is the Carpenters Star Block that I made after seeing a tutorial for one here. If you read all the posts associated with the tutorial, you'll find lots of hints that will be useful for patchworking/quilting in general....such as the one I found out.....oh, you want me to share that one with you.

You're going to have to ask nicely!

What you think I can just share my newly found knowledge at the drop of a hat?????

Oh, ok....I won't keep you in suspense any longer, here it is....if you're making half square triangles (HST's) and you want a 3" finished unit, then you cut 2 x 3 & 1/2" squares, place them right sides together and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of one of them.....then sew 1/4" either side of the line, cut (using a rotary cutter and ruler is the better method) down the line, press each of the units open, I chose to do mine towards the dark side Yoda! Trim them back to your 3" finished HST's and voila, 2 HST's with very little waste or fuss.

I know most of you veteran quilters and patch workers (is there a difference between the two?) are probably sitting there now, saying to yourself "Derr Naomi, that's such an easy one". Well no, it's not to me and probably not an easy one to any other newbies....please feel free to leave comments with any tips you have up your sleeves, such as the tip I shared above....or leave me a link for a tip or tips (see I'm not restricting you to just one!) that you found useful when you were starting out on your quilting journey.....or even a new one that you've just recently found out about.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blended Fabric Quilts: Kaffe Fassett, Daisy Jane and Cloud9 Fabric Cotton...

Blended Fabric Quilts: Kaffe Fassett, Daisy Jane and Cloud9 Fabric Cotton...: I'm in a quandary! I just can't choose from these backgrounds of organic cotton for the placement of my new Dre...

Shirlwin left a comment asking what I was placing....but the comment above was the part of the original post.....I swear it's not me trying to lead you all up the garden path this time....lol I'll make a concerted effort to edit any future giveaways that I share this way....don't want you all thinking I'm off with the fairies ALL the time.....coz I do go visiting them at times...hee hee hee

Samelia's Mum: Sally Giblin Stitcheries - Giveaway

Samelia's Mum: Sally Giblin Stitcheries - Giveaway: The Rivendale Collection by Sally Giblin is full of wonderfully whimsical stitcheries and applique patterns. Sally is a truly talented des...

Edited to add that I was the LUCKY winner of this giveaway.....will take pics of what I get when it arrives.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

F-R-I-E-N-D-S Swap 2011 is about to start

Just thought I'd remind you/let y'all know about Khristina's annual F-R-I-E-N-D-S swap. Sign ups are until 19th August 2011 and the deadline to mail off your package is 19th September. It's a fun swap to do, I think this will be my third year of being in it. You can read all about it by clicking on the pic/button above.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Want to win some goodies????

You'll need to use Google translate, but you have until Friday August 12th to go enter to win the above pictured goodies. Good luck. Click on the photo to head on over to Britts' blog.