Thursday, February 25, 2010

Belated pics of some birthday pressies

When I went to Khris's for lunch on my birthday, this was what was waiting for me on her dining table.....PRESSIES.....Yay, I love pressies.

The package on the left contained a great 'stationery' item I hadn't seen before (yes, there are some things out there I haven't seen before!). It's like a continual supply of post it notes....and for those that are a bit 'techy''s battery Thanks heaps Amanda (a friend I've met through Khris)

Isn't this owl just a hootie cutie? It's way better in person than it is in this photo. One of my other 'loves' is fridge magnets....(I'll have to post a pic of my fridge one day) I know some people have waaaaaay more than me, but mine are ALL sentimental as I haven't actually bought many, they've all been gifts.....and Khris got me the above you think she's trying to tell me something? lol Thanks heaps my pressies.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hoot Hoot, Country Kitty has a hooty giveaway happening.

One of the blogs I follow is having a cool giveaway....the owl softie you see in the above button, and a matching zipper purses.....HOOT HOOT. I love owls, and this one is soooooo cute. Be sure to tell her I sent you. Good luck. Click on the button above to enter, so long as it's before Feb 28th you'll be in with a chance. I'd love to win it, but would be happy if any of my great friends/followers won too. She also has the owl softie pattern as a download (in Italian, but lots of pics which are easy to follow) there too, so if you don't win, you can still make yourself one.


Lila Tueller designs is having a giveaway

Head on over to Lila Tuellers blog....she's having a giveaway, and you could be the proud new owner of the quilt pictured above. Usual story, click the photo and you will be taken away to her blog to enter the giveaway. It opened for comments on 20th February and she said she's leaving it open for about a week, so you still have time. Also, for a limited time, she has a free mushroom pincushion pattern download available...they look cute, and would be a good stash/scrap buster. Good luck.


Monday, February 22, 2010

C-R-A-F-T group birthday goodliness.....lots of pics

As some of you may already know, I'm in a Yahoo group, called C-R-A-F-T and this year, we changed over from sending out 2 x Fat Quarters to all the others that do the Birthday everyone sends a defined amount of money to the Boss Lady (Khristina) and she then arranges with the birthday girl what she wants done....usually a gift certificate for an online fabric store. Well, I'd won a gift voucher for Fort Worth Fabric and asked if I could use my $'s in there. Khris paypalled me my birthday money and I ordered a WHOLE heaps of fabric goodliness. The box arrived last week, and I've had to spend nearly a week drooling over the box, I'm surprised it hasn't fallen to pieces from being so

Well today is the day that I age another YIPPEE, I was allowed to unwrap it. Above is said 'box'. Below is a pic of what awaited me when I opened the lid.

Next is the first cellophane wrapped pressie I took out the box. Check it out....a Jelly Roll and 14 fat q's.

Isn't this next one yummy? 10 x 1/2 yard bundle of chocolate brown and pink, and chocolate brown and blue.....soooo delightful.

Don't forget package number 3 that was also in the box....that contains 4 yards of fabric I selected, and 2 freebies from Jodie (thanks hun) at FWFS

After further unwrapping, you can see my choices a wee bit better.

The token Moda label shot!

The haul in all it's fabric goodliness.

Close up of the yardage....hoot hoot, more hoot hoot, hearts, more hearts and a lovely lime green and paisley one.
So all in all, I'm a spoilt brat huh? Thanks to all the birthday girls from the group.....I had SOOOOO much fun picking it all, thanks to Khristina for co-ordinating it, and thanks to Jodie for being so helpful.

Hugs and Happy Birthday to any other Feb 22 birthday-ites.

Roll Up, roll up roll up for another giveaway!

How cool is this giveaway by Jandi.....very cool I think......she transferred her blog over to Blogger, and is trying to get word out at how to find help her with her click on the photo above to go enter for yourself....I have, and even if I was reluctant to share, it was worth sharing it with you to get an extra entry.......Good Luck.

Closes in a hurry hurry hurry!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

My first quilt

I went to my friend Khristina's yesterday, and she assisted me (did the cutting out for me!) with making my first ever quilt. This one is off to NSW. I spent a wee while stitching the binding down, and have a blister on my 'rude' finger, but it's finished....not quite on one day, but in my calculations it was completed in one day, as it took about 12 & 1/2 hours all to try stippling.....but not on a quilt....YET....gonna try it on potholders

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Jeanette has another cute giveaway.

Click on either photo, the choice is yours, but they'll both end up in the same place...tee hee hee. Jeanette is giving away 1 of the hearts, and 1 of the ribbon bookmarks......she'll select them for you. Lots of different ways to get an entry, and for those who hate giveaways with conditions, remember, it only takes one entry in a giveaway to be the lucky one, so you can still head on over to Sweet Jeanette's blog and enter....who knows, you might be lucky enough to snag it with your entry. Good luck to anyone who enters. I know if I win, I'm going to share my prize with one of my Dag Triplets, Lauren, who's not having a fantastic time of it right now.....gotta share the love with your dag siblings hey?


Ooops, forgot to mention, closing date is 19th February...just in time for my birthday....I seriously think the older I'm getting, the more excited I am about achieving another year against my D/O/B lol

I think I designed a flower, all by myself!

I may be wrong....coz there's only so many different ways to make anything, but I was trying out the way I made flowers again last night....with a square folded over into a triangle and you gather along the open edges of the triangle....and whilst chatting with the Stitching Sisters, started folding one of the triangles a bit, and then next thing I knew, I'd sewn up a double layer flower with petals a bit like those on a water lilly or ground cactus (not sure what type, but that's what Raelene and Marion said they were like!). So, without any further dribble from me, here's pics of the finished flowers.

Now for individual shots, in the order I made them.

This one is a more flimsy fabric than the brightly coloured one.

This one I did actually sew it together as two separate flowers, whereas the first one I just kept adding the 2nd row of petals to the first.

I haven't decided if they'll be used as brooches or magnets yet, but that can be decided as time progresses.

If enough people are interested, and let me know, I'll try and do a tutorial on how I made the double petal folded flowers for you.....I'm going to make some up and pop them on the blog for sale for those that neither have the craft skills or time to make some of their own. So if you would like to purchase some from me, email me and let me know your colour preference and I'll see if I can accomodate your request.

As usual, all c&c's are most welcome, and if you happen to know of someone who's already put together a tutorial for this method, please let me know.....although I can honestly say I didn't use anyone else's tute or pattern for these 2 flowers.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Money Tins

Anyone who knows us, knows that ALOT of coffee gets drunk in this household....and aside from recycling the tins as ashtrays, it's been a project floating about in my crazy brain for sometime now (since I made the proto-type which can be seen here....I have removed the lace now though, and it hasn't had any trim added to it...after all, it's JUST to make some money tins to hopefully sell, and make some cash back to buy more

Here's some pics of the first few off of the production line......let me know what you think of them.

This one would be great for a newborn baby, or as a baby shower gift. This is the only one done with flannel fabric.

I couldn't just make girlie ones could I? Had to think positive, that little boys want to save money too.....don't they??? lol

Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can....can, get it? lol Sorry, spent too much time thinking about something funny to write me thinks...gotta love the fabrics...they look way better in person than my photo taking skills represent.

Aaaaah, a real cutie for your cutie pie.....Gotta love the Care Bears fabric hey?

This one was decidedly more difficult to photograph than the all the others just doesn't want to show itself properly for pics. It's a nice shade of blue, with a rose pattern. It's in line with the more 'mature' person....yeah I know Khristina is probably sitting at her puter saying "Well that counts you out Naomi" lol

So, now you've seen them all, please take a moment, to let me know your views on whether they would sell or not????


Monday, February 15, 2010

Guess What?......Guess What?

I got my first blog swap parcel last Wednesday, and I've been so naughty and haven't told you all about it yet....bad me.....bad me.......I know, oh well, I at least emailed Melissa and thanked her for it. Here's the pics of the lovely pin keep she sent me......and yes Melissa, I love the combo of Purple and Lime did such a fantastic job of it...thank you so much.

Here's the parcel, before I ripped it open to see what was inside.

And here's the inner wrapping....oops forgot to mention, I love popping bubble wrap too...although now that I mail alot more things off, I tend to not pop it, but recycle it!

And ta-dah, here's the pinkeep, in all it's's it gorgeous? I think it is....look, it even has a ring on it's finger!

And just in case you couldn't see the ring clear enough, I got a close up of it!

I'm so lucky aren't I? Did I mention how gorgeous it is? lol


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little Dirt Lane is having a giveaway

How could you possibly resist such a cute face? I know I couldn't and have entered her giveaway....why don't you join me, and click on the photo above to head on over and enter the giveaway yourself? Hugs and good luck. Naomi

Wanna win a mouse pad and some fat q's????

How cute is all that? Well if you want a chance to win, click on the photo and you will go to Alderwood Quilts and you'll be able to enter for me, I'm heading back over there now to put my entry rushing to get there before me

Hugs and good luck

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inch Worm Fabrics

Inch Worm Fabrics is having a sale AND a on the photo above to go check it's open till Feb 15th, so rush on over.


Monday, February 8, 2010

What's everyone else been up to?

The bag in the post below this is my latest full completed project, however I'm working on a stitchery BOM or two on Fridays at my friend Khris's, and I've now made a start on my It's a Hoot blocks.....see side bar for the button. I'll post pics of the first one a bit later today.

So what are your W-I-P's? Stop by and comment and let me I can check out your blog to see......oh, that's another thing I think I've accomplished, thanks to lots of help from Aunty Sharon and also some further help/advice from Melissa (DT3) I am now using Google Reader (could kick myself for not using it before....way easier to keep on track with everyone's blogs that I follow).

I'm also in the process of visiting blogs to find out about all the wonderful people who have signed up for my now closed, swap with a difference. It's going to be fun getting to know all these girls I can tell you.

Ok, well this isn't getting anything productive done off my to do I'll await your responses as to what you've been up to....also, that way I know someone other than a few regulars are reading my blog.....yes I am cheeky!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My latest finish

Good evening, well this is what's had my attention all day on and I saw this great diaper bag over at the Make Baby Stuff website and just knew I wanted to make one.....I must say, and this is only my opinion, I've made easier bags....and it's helped me decide that I don't like rounded end bottoms to bags...and shaped tops are usually simple, but this one you put the flap over one of the shaped tops, which I found pulled at my stitching.....I guess you could overcome this by shaping the top of the flap....oh well, hindsight is always a wonderful thing hey?

Click on any of the pics to go directly to the tutorial.

Hope you had a great day