Thursday, February 25, 2010

Belated pics of some birthday pressies

When I went to Khris's for lunch on my birthday, this was what was waiting for me on her dining table.....PRESSIES.....Yay, I love pressies.

The package on the left contained a great 'stationery' item I hadn't seen before (yes, there are some things out there I haven't seen before!). It's like a continual supply of post it notes....and for those that are a bit 'techy''s battery Thanks heaps Amanda (a friend I've met through Khris)

Isn't this owl just a hootie cutie? It's way better in person than it is in this photo. One of my other 'loves' is fridge magnets....(I'll have to post a pic of my fridge one day) I know some people have waaaaaay more than me, but mine are ALL sentimental as I haven't actually bought many, they've all been gifts.....and Khris got me the above you think she's trying to tell me something? lol Thanks heaps my pressies.



  1. Awesome pressies!!! You are so spoilt!

  2. What me trying to tell you know I would just spit it out if I had to tell Khris

  3. What lovely presents. Spoilt tart!

  4. you spoilt puppy and you even got owl wrapping paper in purple no less

  5. You are blessed having such lovely friends.

  6. I could do with that sign for my front door......I had a good one and I took it down for Christmas and all my friends said leave it said something like....don't mess with me I get ugly and had a chicken sitting on eggs.
    I thought is was funny....but they thought it gave a bad impression!!!
    So now I have "one spoilt cat lives here"
    Too true.

  7. Cool presents! And did you save that wrapping paper?!?

  8. What lovely presents! So happy for you!


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