Monday, February 8, 2010

What's everyone else been up to?

The bag in the post below this is my latest full completed project, however I'm working on a stitchery BOM or two on Fridays at my friend Khris's, and I've now made a start on my It's a Hoot blocks.....see side bar for the button. I'll post pics of the first one a bit later today.

So what are your W-I-P's? Stop by and comment and let me I can check out your blog to see......oh, that's another thing I think I've accomplished, thanks to lots of help from Aunty Sharon and also some further help/advice from Melissa (DT3) I am now using Google Reader (could kick myself for not using it before....way easier to keep on track with everyone's blogs that I follow).

I'm also in the process of visiting blogs to find out about all the wonderful people who have signed up for my now closed, swap with a difference. It's going to be fun getting to know all these girls I can tell you.

Ok, well this isn't getting anything productive done off my to do I'll await your responses as to what you've been up to....also, that way I know someone other than a few regulars are reading my blog.....yes I am cheeky!



  1. I can't show my WIPs at the moment as they are for your swap!!!! I am going to have to find something else to work on so I can share!

  2. Hi Naomi, thanks for visiting my blog and signed up to follow me. I signed-up to follow yours too. I'm collecting a list of Ozy blogs and glad to have met another one. Will be back - Hugs

  3. I'm thinking what is a W I P? might it be a 'work in progress'???
    If so, then I have '4 ducks in a row'. So there.

  4. Good girl! I sit down every night and pull up the blogs I follow with Google Reader. Can tell right away if there is a new post. Happy bloging!

  5. Well we all know the problem child is always a bit slow...hehehe....running for cover...ducking and weaving....hugs Khris

  6. It's a been a bit hot lately to sew anything! No air con, yet our Etsa bill was only $17.00 for the quarter so hubby cant argue the high cost of electricity anymore hey! Go Solar!! I have cut out a bag or two and will try and take a pic of the progress. I am still getting to know my swap partners by reading their blogs and have decided on a project for one of them so far. Will start that as soon as I find the materials for it.

    Hope you have air con!

  7. hi there :) my WIPs so fr are a scarf i'm crocheting (first item ive ever crocheted as i've only just started learning) and ive soem bedding and curtains to do for my daughter, and a skirt to make my friends daughter, and a collection of khaki trousers for my boy. so quite a bit going on!
    thanks for becoming a follower on my blog - im a follower on yours now too. u have a fab blog :)


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