Monday, February 15, 2010

Guess What?......Guess What?

I got my first blog swap parcel last Wednesday, and I've been so naughty and haven't told you all about it yet....bad me.....bad me.......I know, oh well, I at least emailed Melissa and thanked her for it. Here's the pics of the lovely pin keep she sent me......and yes Melissa, I love the combo of Purple and Lime did such a fantastic job of it...thank you so much.

Here's the parcel, before I ripped it open to see what was inside.

And here's the inner wrapping....oops forgot to mention, I love popping bubble wrap too...although now that I mail alot more things off, I tend to not pop it, but recycle it!

And ta-dah, here's the pinkeep, in all it's's it gorgeous? I think it is....look, it even has a ring on it's finger!

And just in case you couldn't see the ring clear enough, I got a close up of it!

I'm so lucky aren't I? Did I mention how gorgeous it is? lol



  1. Wonderful and fun looking pincushion!! You are ready for Mardi Gras now Naomi!! LOL
    hugs Karen

  2. How gorgeous and the colour combo is fab; very striking ;)
    Anne xx

  3. Oh it is so gorgeous! Very New Orleans style. Our Melissa is a jewel.

  4. Oh YES! You LUCKY girl! I love that glove and just in time for Madi Gra!


  5. how unusual, its gorgeous, I havent started yet but have a few ideas, cant wait though!!

  6. Its cool eh, and just the right colours


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