Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Money Tins

Anyone who knows us, knows that ALOT of coffee gets drunk in this household....and aside from recycling the tins as ashtrays, it's been a project floating about in my crazy brain for sometime now (since I made the proto-type which can be seen here....I have removed the lace now though, and it hasn't had any trim added to it...after all, it's JUST mine....lol) to make some money tins to hopefully sell, and make some cash back to buy more coffee....lol

Here's some pics of the first few off of the production line......let me know what you think of them.

This one would be great for a newborn baby, or as a baby shower gift. This is the only one done with flannel fabric.

I couldn't just make girlie ones could I? Had to think positive, that little boys want to save money too.....don't they??? lol

Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can....can, get it? lol Sorry, spent too much time thinking about something funny to write me thinks...gotta love the fabrics...they look way better in person than my photo taking skills represent.

Aaaaah, a real cutie for your cutie pie.....Gotta love the Care Bears fabric hey?

This one was decidedly more difficult to photograph than the all the others combined....it just doesn't want to show itself properly for pics. It's a nice shade of blue, with a rose pattern. It's in line with the more 'mature' person....yeah I know Khristina is probably sitting at her puter saying "Well that counts you out Naomi" lol

So, now you've seen them all, please take a moment, to let me know your views on whether they would sell or not????



  1. Yep sure does count me out...LOL
    Well done...they look great.
    Hugs Khris

  2. Okay...
    I'll have a couple...need an Iron Man one...
    love them all!

  3. They look great Naomi! Are they glued on or does the fabric just fit like a glove or something? I think $10 sounds good!
    hugs Karen

  4. Love the spiderman one and I'd go for $10

  5. What a fantastic recycling idea you have! They most certainly will be sellers as most parents and grandparents buy money tins for their kids. And if anyone's like me and seem to collect a lot of shrapnel (or coinage) then a couple of them around the house would be a good idea. One in the car, laundry for starters. Emptying hubbys pockets always gives a handful of coins! lol


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