Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nurse Lizzie

Hi everyone,

I had a hospital appointment this morning (nothing major, just have to have a procedure done next wednesday - yucky one, so won't be too descript about it...don't want you feeling sick) and at the hospital, one of the Outpatients nurses, Lizzie, is a lovely lady, and every year, from December 1st she adds Christmas Decorations to her uniform.

She jingles and jangles where ever she walks.....AND brings a smile to many a grumpy, or not so grumpy patient waiting to be seen. The kids love it too, and keep talking for ages after she's walked past about..."did you see that one?" or "did you see how her hat flashes?".

Well, today I took her in a jingle owl decoration that I'd removed the hanger from and attached it to a brooch setting.....she loved it.....see photo below....I took the camera with me, and asked for her permission to pop a photo up of her on my blog......isn't she adorable?

If you look, on the right (but her left!) of the top of her apron, you can see the jingle owl brooch I gave her.



  1. I can undersatnd how she would make so many happy at xmas, i did a similar thing when i managed a Dementia Unit, they loved it.

  2. oh cool one Naomi, she looks amazing what a great idea

  3. The world needs more Nurse Lizzies and more Naomis.

  4. How sweet of you and how fun of her!


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