Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just made this

I was looking around blogs....well what a surprise that must be to you all hey? lol....and stumbled across a pincushion tutorial here....near the end of the tutorial, I saw coaster mentioned, and thought "I can do that" and VOILA one pizza coaster! I call it that because the segments of the circle, remind me of how a pizza gets cut. What do you think? Should I try and make a matching set? If so, do you think I should follow a colour scheme - 2 or 3 colours.....OR, should I do 6 different colours? Tell me, tell me, tell me...please!

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  1. That is pretty darn cute. I think I would prefer it a bit more matchy.

  2. I am a color scheme kind of gal....

  3. I would go nuts and make each one totally different!


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