Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Owl Placemat set

One of my 'owlie' customers, Pauline (no blog), put in a request for some owl placemats....with some green fabric on them. The pictures below, are what I came up with for her...she was rapt with them.....Now she wants a table cloth....lol Am starting to wonder whether I should buy extra owl fabric, just in case she wants curtains for her dine-in kitchen next...lol

The small dark green squares in the middle of the above pic, are the matching coasters for the placemat set. Just a little side not for anyone new to patchworking.....if you're thinking of making relatively small coasters and binding them, DON'T lol....they are sooooo fiddly, well the square ones were, I've made some hexagon ones and they weren't so fiddly, but then again they aren't done with binding strips either....maybe I should've constructed these using the same technique....hmmmm food for thought, but I think in future, I'll be making the more 'normal' (easier) coasters...hee hee hee.

This is a close up of one of the placemats (well derr!) and I think I even managed to pick one that all lined up for the magnified view...lol

The bottom pic shows the fabric I used for backing....it's got a slight flannel feel to it so I thought it would be good to stop the placemats and coasters sliding about too much if Pauline doesn't use a table cloth (but I now know she does!)



  1. They are just lovely and I know what you mean about binding the coasters

  2. Very nice job, Naomi. I can see why Pauline is so happy with them!



  3. They came out very nice, Naomi!


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