Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a spoilt brat I feel like this morning!

And the above parcel is why I feel that way......I was just sitting here at the computer, still in my pj's and robe, and there was a knock knock at the front door....so off I trot and it was the parcel delivery guy who's look said "what is this woman dressed in now" lmao I had to sign for the package, so it was amusing to see him try and get me to sign his little electronic display thingy and give me my package and get away as quick as he could, without making eye contact...lol

Cyndi, from Bluebirdswing sent me a parcel, and in the following pics, you can see what was inside. Thank you sooooo much Cyndi.....I love it all to bits.

I was a bit hasty with opening the package...and tore the tissue paper off the wallet and key fob before I took a photo....ooops, but there's two bits of fabric there, a wallet, a key fob and a card...I opened the card and took a pic of that in the next photo as you can see.

Look at all those goodies, aren't they pretty?

This is a picture of the wallet opened out....great colours hey? I think so...but then purple IS my favourite colour, and here it's coupled with two of my other passion colours...green and turquoise/aqua.

Thanks again Cyndi, it's such a treat...and I don't think the delivery guy will be ogling at me anymore now he's seen me in my not so sexy pj's and robe!



  1. Hi Naomi, wow you are indeed lucky. Did my 'giveaway' get to you?

  2. Oh that is so nice. I have never one a giveaway despite many, many entries. But ya got to be in it to win it so I will keep trying.
    I love it when the parcel man comes along, the excitement is over the top then.
    Like your blog and intend to check back again to see what your up to.

  3. Oh nice!!!! Very VERY jealous (and worth the wait to get home from work to see :))

  4. Naomi, so glad that the package arrived safely and that you like your little goodies! Can't wait to see what you make with the fabric!




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