Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look what I did today

I went from this, to this.......in just a few hours!

Now for the back views (I do have side views, but this would look too much like a mug shot gallery then!). Before......

and after.......

So, there you have it, my new hair style and colour....and just in time for the Craft & Hobby Fair this weekend....hopefully I'll look a bit more welcoming now instead of my bogan self!

Since the beginning of June, I made another ruffle bag, using this tutorial, but instead of just three ruffles I put five, and I think it looks better, don't you?

Inside shot.....

And the inside from a different angle....as usual, the colours of this bag look way better in person...in my opinion anyway...lol

Just a reminder of what the red one looks like....here's a pic of it again....gotta love blatant bragging hey? lol



  1. Wow, Naomi, I LOVE your new hair cut and color. You look 10 years younger and it really brightens up your face!!

    And, those bags are adorable, so brag away!!!



    P.S. Thanks so much for the "welcome home". I'm still trying to catch up on e-mails and blog-reading! Hope to post a little something about my vacation soon.

  2. Love your new cut and color! You look so good! Love the bags! Cute!


  3. You look fantastic! I really like your cut, it's very cute. Have a great weekend at the Fair.


  4. Brag on girl. I love the 5 ruffle much better. Have fun at the Craft Fair. Hope ya have enough stuff. Hugz Kathy

  5. Oh, And I REALLY do like the hair.

  6. You look gorgeous in your new do Naomi. And the ruffled bag is way cute. Do you think you could make one out of Denim?

  7. I love the new look! It's very becoming on you. My hairdresser daughter would approve. :) The red and white bag is my fav.
    Have fun at the Fair.

  8. Wow, you look terrific and I love your new bag.

  9. You look lovely with your new hairdo....very nice color...you really look much younger.. took some courage i guess....but it was worth it!!...the bags are awesome...well done!!
    greetings Francien.

  10. Wow what a difference your new hair style makes.. you look bloody gorgeous!

  11. Your new hair do looks great. Love the bags

  12. Oh I just love your knew look and your bag is pretty good as well

  13. Wow what a huge difference eh...... seriously its fantastic great colour and cut

  14. Gosh it really suits you,you should be very happy with it.
    Karen x

  15. The bag is cute, but your hair is great! If I thought I could achieve results like that, I'd spend the money, but I'm too chicken.

  16. So lovely! Much better now.

  17. Marvelous transformation!
    Btw, thank you for becoming a follower, I'll be back into posting very soon and I've got some things to show!

  18. your new hair looks amazing........good for you!


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