Sunday, June 14, 2009

Latest fabric scores

The other week I visited my local Spotlight store and got encouraged by the staff member to buy some end of rolls of fabric.....she did a fantastic deal on them, and I paid $6 per roll for the thicker amounts and $4 a roll for the two with slightly less on them......unfortunately they seem to have sold all the good stuff now, or else I'd be going back before the end of financial year sale.......gotta love feeding my addiction to fabric with savings hey? lol

This next pic shows the patterns on each of the fabric rolls. The one on the far right actually has owls on it. I love owls!



  1. you lucky so and so .........good score

  2. Lucky you!

    I need your address I am sending you packge for the friends swap this week. I hope you like it.


  3. Thanks for following my blog. Did you enter my fREE Birthday Giveaway?? I'd love to have you post a link to it on your blog, or just do a post about it.

    Great fabric bargains you bought! What fun it is to buy our supplies, huh?


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