Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A whinge and almost time for a giveaway

Ok, I'm hoping to get a bit of feedback Khris's C-R-A-F-T group (see links in sidebar somewhere!) we've all been commenting on how much postage is costing us for all the's insipid (I'll have just done my Auntie Suzie proud using her favourite word!) how much they charge us to mail our swaps isn't it?

I can understand them charging more for snail mail letters, because the postal services lose big time since the internet and emailing has become so prevalent.....but, and I mean BUT by the same token, auction sites, blogs and groups have increased the amount of parcel posts being done.....recently Khris sent a parcel to Italy that weighed under 1.5kg (around 3lb's in the old money!) and it cost $52....heck she could've sent so much more in her package if the postage was't so high, and I know Khris, she wouldn't have skimped on the swap in the first place.....but I bet there's alot of future swaps that people will sit out of because the postage kills the fun of the swap.

Maybe we should all pick a day, and we should all boycott mailing anything on that day.....and get everyone we know to try and not (unless extremely necessary as is employers getting crabby) mail stuff off that day either...and see what difference we can make.

In Khris's group, we also do birthday squishies, of which there's about 15 or so of us who mail off at least one squishie a month...some months are more, but that's at least 12 a any swaps we do, and swaps we join in elsewhere on the net.....and any cash we could be spending on feeding our craft addiction goes to the postal companies in our respective what do you say? You up for joining in on the boycott? Please feel free to link to this post on your blog and lets see how many people we can get to join in on the boycott.

Ok with all that whinging out the way, I noticed when I signed in to do this post, that I'm only about 12 posts away from my 50th I'm announcing that for my 50th post, I'll organise a surprise give away....and might even start getting things together for it soon.....I'll add stuff for x amount of followers, and x amount of comments.......and then will use or an independant person to draw a name out as keep that in mind if you come read the above part of the post. Once we've decided on a date for the boycott.....I can tell you in advance, that if that date coincides with my 50th post giveaway, mailing of it will be delayed for a day! lol Wouldn't help if I try and organise a postage boycott and then go and break it would it? lol


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  1. Okay chicky when I said we would boycott and go on strike for a day I meant in a HUGE way...but we have to do this strategically. Have to find out lots of info first....we need to make sure the radio and tv know so that the "Powers To Be" will know and we will be a force to be reckoned hush my chickadee....we need to plot and plan our attack strategy...hehehe...hugs Khris


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