Saturday, October 24, 2009

Marion clowing around

Hi everyone,

I won't let my friend Marion live it down.....and just had to post a pic on my blog for you too can share in the fun too!

If you look at the above picture, nothing untoward is evident is it?????? or is it? Look what happens when you crop the photo and bring her face up closer!

Ok, now the story behind all of this, is that Marion is a shift worker, and usually when she comes out to our place for sewing on Tuesdays, she has just come off an overnight shift....and normally she has a "nanny nap" or three! Well this day was nothing different, except for the fact that when she went to sleep, she kind of went into a nanny coma and after testing to make sure she really was asleep, I drew her red nose with lipstick! I was egged on by Sue and Raelene, so don't just think I'm the evil one...they're evil too! lol She didn't actually wake up for a few minutes after, and that was only because I'd got the camera and pretended to take a picture of a mobile hanger with lots of dangles hanging from it, that was above her head. When she roused up and had a stretch she asked if I wanted to take a pic of how could I not take her up on the offer, seens as though that was the only reason I was taking a pic of anything in the first place!

She didn't end up being alerted to the fact that she had a red nose for at least 30 mins after she woke up....even though there were several comments that should've alerted her being made to her by us all.

Love ya are such fun and make us smile.



  1. Lovely post Naomi. It is wonderful to have this for ever.

  2. what fun! isn't it grand to have such good friends that will 'allow' you to do this ( and egg you on, too!

    thanks for the grins!
    Beth in Dallas

  3. SO funny! I love having fun like that! Glad to have found you! :)

  4. Wonderful story. I would surely get caught and then I would have to watch Vanessa's every move.


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