Thursday, March 24, 2011

My latest Hooty

As some of you would remember, I moved in December to a new home....I still have stuff to unpack, and the day before yesterday, I located some stretchy fabric and was in two minds whether it was staying or going, well some of it is definately staying the form of Harriet the Hooty, seen in the above photo.....she's about 10-12" across and I designed her using both characteristics from several other owls I've seen about the place, and some I added myself. It's a bit hard to tell in the pic, but she has a stuffed beak to give it a bit of dimension. The reason the top half of her looks a bit fluffy is because it was a stretch towelling sort of fabric....worked in well with the other fabrics though......When I make more of these, I think I'll make them in 100% cotton....far easier to work with than stretch fabric!

What do you think of her? C'mon you know you love her, even if she's pink!


  1. Yep, I do love her!! So cute!

    good job!


  2. Yep! Really cute! I never said I didn't like pink! LOL Question is, does Raelene love it!!
    hugs Karen

  3. I love owls and this one is no exception! Sue

  4. I am so glad to hear that you still have boxes to do I....

    Love the hootie....

  5. She is looking a little tired there - Hope she doesn't fall and hurt herself.
    Gorgeous you clever girl.

  6. I love your owl Naomi. Great colour pink! Regards, Nessie


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