Friday, May 20, 2011

Roll Up Roll Up Roll Up

I might have been a little absent lately, but I have managed to find a great giveaway for all you fellow "bag ladies" (and guys too sorry for only including women first up). Keira, AKA KiKi had some fantastic news recently, and part of it is that she's going to be a 'published bag designer'. To help celebrate, she's giving away a hard copy of her first pattern, which is the above bag....BUT, wait, there's'll also get the fabric to make one just like the pic *swoon* All you'll need is your 'hardware', like sewing machine, rotary cutter and ruler....she's providing everything else. As with all the other giveaways I share with you, click on the photo above, or either of the two links contained within this paragraph to head on over to enter.

Being that she's trying to promote herself, or her patterns, please share the love on your blog and help her get the word out.

Giveaway closes 8am (her time - US time for us South of the Equator) on Weds May 25th. As with all giveaways I blog about...I'd be happy to win, but wish y'all good luck as well. Having one of my lovely followers win is almost as good as winning myself!

Whilst I have your attention, some of you may know that my sewing machine has been a little bit naughty lately....the self levelling foot doesn't seem to be doing it's job, and if I'm sewing and am going from thick to thinner thickness, I have to turn the wheel by hand and hold the front of the foot up to stop the needle from hitting the foot....well it's cacked itself big time now, and the needle doesn't hit the foot now, but has taken to constantly hitting the needle plate.....what's with that.....maybe I'm due a big lottery win so I can buy the Janome Horizon or at least some other machine....but really, why does it have to give up now when I have a quilt to FMQ? I do have back up machines, but you all know what it's like, you have your comfy slipper machine, and nothing else quite cuts it does it?

Okay, off to see if unplugging the machine 'resets' the computer....much the same as unplugging a tv de-gouses the screen!

Edited to let you all know that the advice from Marilyn and unplugging the machine has worked.....but ssssshhh I'm not game to say it too to sew again now :o)


  1. Yes, turn off and on, change the needle and rethread both the top thread and the bobbin. Also, clean under the throat plate. Always do these things before panicking.

  2. Get out one of your other machines and really act like you will use this other one. Then maybe the first one will get jealous and behave. LOL! Worth a try as a last resort?

  3. Hi Naomi, Thanks for following my blog. I love Kiki's bag pattern and the fabric looks great. Glad you got your sewing machine under control - well fixed at least :)


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