Monday, September 19, 2011

I got spoilt rotten today

A few weeks ago (at least it only seems that long ago!) I signed up for Khristinas' F-R-I-E-N-D-S swap, and check out all the wonderful goodies I got in the pics partner and new friend, is Lisa from Western's a link to her blog.

GRRRRR, Blogger doesn't seem to want to play the game tonight, and won't let me upload the pics I took, so please click the above link to go to Lisa's blog to check out the pics, but do take time to read what I wrote first....then whizz on over and check out the pics. I'll remove this if Blogger ever lets me put the pics up.

First up, I restrained myself long enough to take the following pic, but once the pic was taken, all bets were off and the scissors were cutting the mail bag open.....this was taken just before opening it.

Once open, I got 7 pressies, each one wrapped in owl paper, and the smell of the package....oh boy, I wish you could all smell was a bit of a heads' up that something in there smelt good, real good!

F = Fabric, and not just any old fabric, it's the Melly & Me Hooty one....soooooo cute.
R = Ribbon - purple (my favourite colour, and even has green edging to it), and two different owl ones. Haven't seen either of the owl ones. I must have blinkers on when it comes to ribbons....I never check them out for owl ones.
I = Inspiration.....See what's on the cover? I have one of those of my friends (Aunty Sharon) from Khris's Yahoo Craft group made it for me two years ago at the retreat.
E = Funnily enough, I was a little stumped at this one.....however, didn't really's I don't have one of these bracelets, let alone one with owls on it...but as Lisa emailed me a big hint (ie she gave me an explanation) of what the E stood for....have you guessed it yet? It stands for European matter either way, they're
N = Notions.....see what the scissor holder is??? Yep, another owl....and I love how when the scissors are in their holder, you can still see his eyes through the finger holes....cute huh? Oh I got pins too.....but for reasons only I know, I'm more excited about the owl scissor keeper....bad me, I know.
D = According to Lisa's blog, stands for Dark choccies ....ppfffft, I'm clever, and I worked it out before reading her doesn't stand for dark chocolate at stands for Diet Food! Yummmmm I got chocolates...Roses too....YUMMMM
S = Scrumptious Smelling whole room smells like a scent's brilliant.....wish you could all share in the smell of them......oh and did you see the labels.....Tree Owl....hoo hoo!

Wasn't I just spoilt rotten? I think so. Thanks for spoiling me Lisa, and I hope you like what I'll be sending you too.


  1. hahahaha im giggling at your blog post so funny mmm chocolate as diet food now thats a great one!
    Im Glad you like as for the ribbon i got them from ribbons galore i love that shop! I was so stumped what to do for E while looking on the net i found those owl charms thought they were cute [oh also because i wasent sure if you wore earrings?} i looked at the name and it said Euopean charms haha so that was perfect! I love Melly and Me Fabric/patterns too .that chocolate soap smelt so yummy glad the parcel arrived safe and smelling good.
    Hugs xo

  2. Oooooh, lucky girl. Are we going to see pictures?

  3. well what a lovely parcel to receive,you did well Nomes,Lisa is a great swapper and lovely lady,well done


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