Thursday, November 17, 2011

What a deal......Special quilting service offer!

Dawn Hay, who I had the pleasure of seeing over the weekend (and on Tuesday) has a special offer/deal happening right now for ***Australian residents only*** and that is that she's happy to do an all over stipple/meander on your quilt for an affordable price.

Up to 80" square for a price of $50.00. Yep, you read right, just $50, how cool is that? Takes all the stress out for you if you have any flimsies around the place waiting to be quilted. She does say "If you want a different all over design I am negotiable with the cost."

I've seen her quilting up close and personal, and she does a fantastic job. So if you'd like to take her up on this offer, please click on the photo above for further information and also links to see other quilts that she's quilted.

I'm not sure when this offer is going to be withdrawn, so please don't hesitate to get yours booked in....I'm sure some of you have quilts that you could give as presents this Christmas if you can get them quilted in time.



  1. What a lovely quilt!
    If I win the lotto this weekend...I'll be sure to pop an order her way!
    What a talented lady!x

  2. And you girls should run not walk to get such a good deal. Saw that you had a good time with the girls over the weekend. That's great!


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