Thursday, November 1, 2012

Latest quilt for an Aussie Hero

I made a few of these JRR quilt tops a wee while ago, and wanted to get some made up into quilts, so tah-dah, here's #1.  I decided to make another quilt top for the backing, to make the quilt give the recipient a different look for his/her bunk.

This is the label, which makes up part of the D9P side of the quilt.

Here's the JRR side of the quilt.

Here's the D9P both sides are quite bright and scrappy time I'll make an extra couple of rows on the D9P so there's not so much 'black border' space happening....and maybe even adjust the size so no borders are required at all....what's the verdict????

How exciting, I've never linked any of my posts up (at least I don't remember doing it, apart for FNSI but that's a bit different) but I've linked this one up here.....TGIFF (Thank God It's Finished Friday)  I'm sure you've got a few minutes to spare, so take a couple of them and check out what everyone else has finished this week.


  1. I like the border, it frames the bright colours of the quilt.
    Either way would look good. Can't make up my mind.LOL!

  2. Looks great! Personally I prefer not to have borders simply because I'd rather makes blocks than borders. But I think both options look great.

  3. I love the reversible bit, each side looks great:) I too like the borders, it frames the blocks nicely and makes it more different from the other side, maybe one more row of blocks to fill out the bottom? Just my humble opinion though, happy for you to ignore me :)

  4. It looks great! I'm not normally a fan of borders but I actually really like the black and the way it shows off the quilting.
    I'm hosting the TGIFF link party on my blog today to show off finishes, it would be great if you'd link up this post!

  5. I really like the wide black border, though. Looks great with it!


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