Sunday, February 8, 2009

Viva La Hannah

I had some really bad news today....a neighbour of mine, who has since left the area and moved into her daughters house, is not expected to make it through the weekend. I know no one lives forever, but it's harder to deal with when it's someone you love and/or care about. Unfortunately I don't think I have a pic of her, but will try and get hold of one from her daughter...Hannah wouldn't have had a clue how to do anything on the internet, and couldn't read a pattern, but if you gave her a piece of crochet or knitting, she would take it home, and bring it back the next day with her interpretation of it. Raelene and I will miss her greatly, as we often think of her and wish she lived close to us still. As long as my bum continues to point to the ground, the house two doors up from us at this house, will always be "Hannahs place", no matter who owns it.

So, at the time I wrote this, to the best of my knowledge, Hannah is still struggling to stay alive...I hope that if she must go, that she does so peacefully and as comfortable as the hospital staff can make her.

We love you Hannah.

Naomi & Raelene


  1. Prayers and blessings for your friend Hannah and her family. . . I am happy you have Raelene to help each other through this. Losing a good friend always difficult. I am wishing you two a blessed day and good to see you back on your blog! (course, I'm a fine one to talk. . .lol)

  2. Thinking of your girls...hugs Khris

  3. Your friend sounds like my mom. She would go to craft shows, look at the merchandise and go home and duplicate it perfectly. She's been gone almost six years and I miss her still.

    So sorry for you and your friend's family. A hard thing to know they won't be there any more.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. May your friend have a quiet homecoming sweetie.

    I didn't have an e-mail address for you, so I'm leaving this message here on your blog. Thank you soooooo much for the birthday greetings :) xoxo Sherry


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