Monday, June 8, 2009

My weekend happenings

Hi everyone, I've been out with Khris and Mardi today to a Craft & Hobby fair local to where Khris and I live. I didn't buy much today.....but Saturday I did a bit of damage to the bank balance! lol I'll be able to use most of it within the next few months, so that's good.

I have a few swaps coming up, but can't post any pics of them till after they've been received...I am still in the process of making those 9 Gracie dolls....and how lucky am I, Cath (designer of lots of great raggedy patterns) has offered to draw me some new faces for my dolls....can't wait to do some different faces.

Am thinking I want to try and make some bigger dolls soon....the little ones are cute, but if Khris and I are off to sell our handcrafted items.....big dolls take up more room! lol


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  1. $$ i'm impressed a little damage at the craft fair is always an amazing accomplishment! :) looking forward to seeing pics of your dolls


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