Saturday, September 11, 2010

And the winner is.........

Obviously the excitement of it being a "mystery" giveaway prize put alot of people off, but I'm sure that the winner will enjoy what I send her....yes, I'm still keeping it a mystery right up until the time that I know it's arrived at it's destination.

Oh, what's that I hear you say? Was it stop waffling Naomi and tell us who won? I thought so, and here I was thinking y'all might be patient with me...just in case you were the winner.

Ok, the winner was between commenter Number 1 and commenter Number 22..hee hee hee. Alrighty, I'll tell you now......I used the trusty random number generator over at and here's a screen capture of whose number the generator drew out the hat for me...well actually not for me, for all you lovely people who entered my giveaway.
Now, if you care to look below, you would see that Kaye only entered an hour or so before I closed off the about sailing close to the wind hey? Just goes to show, that sometimes first and last past the post do get called out!

So, as I'm in a generous mood, I drew 4 more numbers out of the hat, and they were 1, 21, 15 & 4......the four of you will be getting a wee package in the mail also. Congratulations to you all, I wish I could afford to mail out gifts to you all, maybe next time I'll put more prizes into the mix, or make it a bumper prize.....who knows, check back from time to time, and you may just catch hold of my next giveaway.

I've now emailed everyone to let them know they've won now I can publish this and go to


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