Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A few things I've made in the last couple of days

A friend of mine....Sandy, mentioned at Marion Markets once, that she wanted her friend Lois to make her one of these.....Lois told her where to go (but in a nice way) as they looked like alot of work. The other day, I found a blog that had instructions on it for making them, so on Monday, I made one.....think this one's a little big, especially if Sandy wanted it for a pin's approximately the size of a soccer Oh well, she's getting it whether it's the right size or not......I've already started a smaller one, but it's also not a Goldilocks one.....the 2nd one is too small, so once I've bought some more stuffing (the 1st one and the tree below have put paid to my stock of stuffing!) and finished the 2nd one off, I'll have a go at one in between the two sizes!

Remember the wee tree I made a few weeks ago? If not, see the post here. It was my entry for a challenge I'm in. Anyway, Raelene decided she'd like to try and make it in a bigger the above pic is what we came up's about 23" from tip to the bottom of the container it sits on...which was an old plastic container I'd gotten with flowers in a while ago...and I just made a black fabric (gotta love Homespun) cover and tied gold ribbon around it. We're going to use it on our table Christmas day....incidentally, the fabric we used for the tree is the same as the Tablerunner (backing fabric, that is) that I made here, not that I showed it in the pic of the Can you believe that the tree took 500gm of stuffing, which is approx 1 lb of stuffing....alot huh?

I saw a tutorial on a site (I won't name it because the person has been known to 'steal' tutorials and claim them as her if you happen to know where this technique originated from, please tell me, so I can link to that instead of where I saw it) for making folded hexagon flowers, and thought they'd be interesting to make. Once I made one, I decided to make a second one and turn them into a keyring. I made this side of the keyring (above pic), and then ironed it flat....but I'm thinking that wasn't such a wise move...see next pic!

This side I didn't iron it flat, and I think it looks way better, don't you? They're a quick and easy gift to make.

What have y'all been making? I've had a quick look around some of my regular blog haunts, but I'm sure you look and don't comment too, but I'd love to hear what you've been up to.



  1. Love your tree, do you know where I can get the pattern, would love to make a few for chirstmas.

  2. I love that puzzle ball. Will make for my dog!And the tree is fantastic!! I simply love hexagon, so anything hexie I need to try. Maybe you can show us how you make yours. Making it your version should be fine as long as you mention that you were inspired or saw it somewhere..I think ?

  3. That ball is pretty cool...I don't know that I'd want to make one as it does look hard to do...was it? You are so good to just jump right in and make one for your friend Sandy!

    Raelene's tree turned out fantastic. It's going to be a great table top tree at Christmas!

    And...those hexie key chains are so cool...what a clever idea for gifts! You rock, chickie!



  4. the large "pincushion" would be a great ball for a baby gift

  5. No wonder I haven't seen you on line much, you've been busy girl. All very nice too.

  6. You have been busy Naomi!! That is a big ball!! Nice tree Ralene made! Hope the ball isn't going to a home with a dog. It would be toast in no time! LOL
    hugs Karen

  7. You have been very busy and creative Naomi.

  8. Hi Naomi!
    Thanks for visiting me! Tell Raelene her tree is AWESOME! About the origami hexagon; I've a book call "Fantastic Fabric Folding" by Rebecca Wat and that pattern/directions is included! The book is full of wonderful patterns one of which I didn't understand properly; she and I spoke on the telephone and she sent me a sample.


  9. Love the hexagon keyring - I'm a bit of a hexagon addict to be truthful. I did find a pattern for this also, but it was in a book not online, so suppose that's not much help if you're looking for a link!! :)


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