Friday, September 10, 2010

Folded Hexagon Video Tute

If you've been reading my blog lately, you would have seen the hexagon keyring I made, well I now have VERY blurry eyes this morning after sitting up late, scouting You Tube to see if I could find a video that someone had already done on how to make the origami hexagons.....and YAY, I found one. Although it's not in English, it's an easy to follow video. I'll take pics of what to do once you have 2 of them made to turn them into keyrings, although once you've got them made, it's fairly easy to see how I made

Also, for those who were waiting for me to do my 'own' video, I

Please feel free to send me links to your blog if you make any of these.

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P.S. Apologies for no warning about the dog barking in the background of the I didn't actually have my speakers on at the time I viewed It was only thanks to Aunty Sharon pointing it out and me watching the video again with my speakers on, that I realise how annoying the little yapper So, sorry about that, but if it's too annoying, and you don't speak Spanish/Portuguese anyway....just watch it with no sound...Big Hugs Naomi


  1. Wow! I really need to try this !!!Thanks for the link to the tute, Naomi. And thanks to Ane Matos for sharing the video!

  2. wow that dog seriously needs some bark training LOL

  3. What a fun tutorial...thanks for sharing!


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