Thursday, December 23, 2010

O lookie here.....a giveaway on my first full day back on the net!

Hi honey's I'm home! And a new home at that.....I've just (along with the help of some lovely friends.....Raelene, Grant, Yvonne & Phoebie) packed up all my fabric into several (and boy, do I mean plastic tubs, hired a truck, and moved about a 2 hour drive from where I used to live. The internet just got hooked back up today, and look at me having a break from settling in to find y'all a great giveaway....who could resist all that yummy fabric...thanks Retro Mummy for giving me the chance to win it. If you too would like the chance to win it, head on over (by clicking on the photo above....let's see if we can push the comments to over the 600 mark before it's drawn...which is taking place on New Years Eve....don't stress though, there's two names/numbers being drawn....hopefully they'll be you and me! Good luck



  1. Glad to see you settling in. It's a nice area up there with lots of great towns all close together. My sister also lives there and when I visit I always leave thinking 'one day when I retire I am going to retire there'.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS CHICK, glad you are back!

  3. Merry Christmas Naomi!!!

    Happy to hear you are moved and starting to settle in your new home. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with loved ones, fun , and good health!

    love and hugzzzzz



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