Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and I've added a page

I want to wish all my readers/followers a safe, happy and prosperous year in 2011. Just before Christmas last year, I moved about 213km's away to a place called Berri, South Australia. It's been very hot here the last few days, with NYE being stifling....was 110'f in the kitchen...and no cooking was done! The only other downside so far (apart from me not knowing where the fabric shops are) is the Mosquitoes...they're having a good attempt at eating me alive! I am having some kind of allergic reaction to them, but nothing is gonna convince me to pack up and move back to Adelaide...hee hee hee

Some of you may have noticed, some may not, but I've added another page to my blog....GIVEAWAYS....I thought it would make it easier for finding them...rather than having to scroll though piles of long winded messages of my rambling! Good luck if you go enter any of them....there's one in there already!


P.S. I've done a couple of sightseeing trips, and when I've edited the pics, I'll pop some up for you to see.


  1. Hey Naomi! Just returned last night from our trip to Louisiana. I hope you and Raelene have a wonderful and blessed New Year and that 2011 affords you all the love, peace and joy you can stand! :o) And I hope that you find some respite from the mosquitoes...try Avon's Skin So Soft...that's supposed to work really well to repel them!



  2. I have a couple of things I use for mosquitoes Naomi. One thing it use a fabric sheets as a deterant. Rub it over your skin a bit or put in your pocket. I know you hang your clothes to dry so using in the dryer won't help. I also plant basil by all my door entrances. I put it is pots. We had several deaths here a few years ago from West Niles which is carried by mosquitoes. Never have one in the house. Also, dump any standing water. Love your new page idea. Happy New Year.

  3. Oh my goodness Naomi, you need to figure out a way to stay cool. We can't have you melting away.


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