Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So far....but not so good!

Above is my very very first attempt at paper piecing....experts would immediately have their eyes drawn to ALL my errors.....however, those not experienced with this technique will need to enlarge the pic and check out where I've put boxes around them....I didn't do a box around the bottom right hand corner muck up, as that sticks out like dogs wotsits! I did however crop the pic and upload it next, that shows what I did on the corner. Also, I forgot to point them out, but the little white triangles, just outside the centre pink bit (which is supposed to be the bit you write on by the way!), are actually supposed to be done in the dotty fabric, but by the time I realised, I'd done nearly all the top section, had had my first frogging session (between blocks 1 & 2...yes, the first seam I did!) and wasn't about to have another 'ribbet' - a - long.....lol

I can see why people like doing paper piecing, I just wish I lived near my friend Kath, as the poor thing has probably been pulling her hair out trying to help me via email. She's now suggested I check out Carol Doak's site....maybe she's too polite to tell me to pee off and quit bugging her! So, before I launch into block two of paper piecing to see if I get any better...I'm off to visit Carols' site.....oh, by the way, I hope you all give me some kudo's though, I enlarged the paper pattern from 6" up to just on 9 & 1/2" all by myself..(I put my big girl panties on Aunty Sharon!).

As you can see, I shouldn't have made the shapes the right shape/size for the hole it had to cover, as when I sewed it down, and flipped it over....it's not big enough....SOOOO lesson learned is to make the pieces WAY bigger than I need them, until I get the hang of this technique....off to make more now!

Well, what do you think? Do I show some promise as a budding paper piecer? All comments and criticism or offers of showing me how to do it, or blocks you think I should try out....are greatly appreciated....just send me the link.

EDIT: I've just made a different paper pieced block up....and here it is:

I'm a much happier camper now....will try some more over the space of the next few days, although not on Thursday as I'm off to the big smoke.....gotta go speak to my surgeons again...and to get the results of my endoscopy I had late last year.


  1. I don't paper piece often enough to not check out Quilterscache for a practice run first. They have a good tute. Still looks nice Naomi.

  2. I am not an expert and it looks great from here... I have done one quilt that was paper pieced and well...not my most favorite thing to do but that is just me, there are those that love it.

  3. I've done some paper piecing and do enjoy it, though I believe someone in the thread industry came up with the idea...hehehe. You did wonderful. We all have to start somewhere and look at how beautiful your next one came out.


  4. I do like your second block better, but that is partly because I like the pattern better. Frankly, people think paper piecing is intrinsically simple. I disagree. It may become simpler with practice, but if you are like me and can't look in a mirror and curl your hair at the same time, then finding fabric to fit those tricky triangle shapes when folded over can be a chore! Keep at it though, because that second block looks great!

  5. I love your paper pieced heart. I haven't had a go at it yet. I keep looking up patterns and online tutorials, but so far, I haven't taken the plunge.
    Did you love it?

  6. Hey looking at #2 I think I have that one living in my house :)


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