Monday, February 21, 2011

3 Parcels I got today & a Purlbee froggy & Happy Birthday me!

A couple of years ago, well 43 to be precise, I was born into this crazy crafty day I'll try and grow up, but until then, I'm afraid you'll just have to tolerate this dag and her warped sense of humour. I was born at 2.20 a.m. on February 22nd, 1968.

Today, well actually yesterday now, (due to the fact that our internet is soooooooo slow, I started uploading this post and all the pics on 21st February, but it's now 22nd February!) after being an info session/meeting for the Housing Co-op we are a part of (well almost, we've submitted our applications to become members, and are currently on 'probation' we came home to find Barry, our postal parcel man, had left not one, not two, but three parcels at the front door (between the two doors, so unless someone walked up there, you wouldn't know they were there!) and guess what? They were all for me.....YAY, I do love to get parcels!

I opened them in no specific order, and was in too much of a rush of excitement to do my usual slowly slowly photograph of each stage of the parcel unwrapping, sorry. First cab off the rank, was my Generosity Project gift from Marilyn.

Above are pics of the fantastic notebook, selvedge cover for it, and a PURPLE pen, which you can't really see as I quickly put it into it's holder once I unwrapped it! Didn't Marilyn do a lovely job of it? Thanks heaps Marilyn.

Whilst on the subject of the Generosity Project, I still have 2 spots left to fill on mine, and only 3 months to find people to fill them......please click Here, if you'd like to read about it, and perhaps sign up for it.

I got a freezer bag full of embroidery threads from my friend Mardi after I spoke with her on the phone a couple of weeks ago, and mentioned that I now have my Mums' embroidery machine....but no embroidery threads were with it :o( Knowing it was my birthday soon, she sent me a little 'care package' of embroidery threads.

Would you just take a look at this variety of great colours....especially seens as though she even put some purple ones in just for me! She mentioned that she didn't have alot of purples to share, but having said that, she still shared some of what she had....awwww wasn't that sweet of her?

A close up of the netting stuff Mardi also put it over the reels of thread to stop them from unravelling and getting knotted up.

Thanks heaps Mardi xxx

Recently, I signed up for a Mug Rug Swap, hosted by Quilting Gallery dot com, and here's a pic of everything I received from my swap partner, Barbara, from Nyack, NY, all wrapped up...there were mug rugs, buttons, stickers, an owl cosmetic mirror holder kit, felt owl stickies & fabric...I don't think I forgot anything.....ooops if I did!

Front of the hooty mug rug.

Back of the hooty mug rug.

Front of the purple crazy patchwork mug rug.

Back of the purple mug rug.

Regular readers of my blog will know, I have issues with getting good day I'll work it all out, but until then, pics like the one above, will have to it you should be able to see the 'hooty hoard' I received along with my 2 mug rugs....bear in mind, the mug rugs were the only required items, the rest was a massive bonus on my behalf.

A close up of the "Hooty" fabric that Barbara sent me, as 'extras' in the Mug Rug Swap. How cute is that???? I love the one on the right, as I don't have any of it in my wee hooty stash of fabrics, but the middle one and the one on the left....I have not seen before and I just love it.....might have to have a look around and see if I can find more of it, and if I can find it in any other colours, AND if there were any other fabrics in the collection.....AND then, and it's a really big AND, sell my kidneys, the dog and the cat and get me enough to make a huge quilt! Don't want much do I? lol

Thank you to Barbara for sending me such sweet goodies, and also to Michelle from for organising the swap.

I'm not quite sure how long ago it was that I originally came across Purlbee's 'Purl Frog' tutorial, but just recently, a friend from Khristina's Yahoo group, C-R-A-F-T (link in my sidebar), bought it back to my attention! I decided it was time for me to make one, as I've just found out my niece loves frogs (hopefully she doesn't read my blog, as it's meant to be a surprise for her!) Anyhoo, I made her one, and when a friend came and stayed for a couple of days last week, she fell in love with Kaylenes' frog, so I made Sue her own one...hence the one pictured above, which was made from a vintage sheet I had near to me at the time! This pattern is VERY quick and easy to make....takes less than half an hour!


  1. Hey Naomi! Want to wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday, my friend! I hope you are having a truly fabulous day. Love all of your parcels, and that little froggie is sooo cute! Enjoy!



    P.S. You need to send me your new address! :o)

  2. Hi Naomi!! Happy Birthday!! Some droolworthy gifts there- I LOVE the owl fabrics too! I was looking at your frog picture and it suddenly dawned on me- when you mentioned vintage sheets? I think I had that floral pattern on some sheets but they were ORANGE!!! OMG it's a wonder we could sleep, they were so loud! LOL.
    Have a fab day! Hugs, Sandy.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!! Just love all o fyour gifties....and hope you have or had an amazing day. I never know what day it is.

  4. Happy Birthday Naomi! Good haul there, hey?

  5. Happy Birthday to you, what a lovely stash!
    your little bag is in the mail, hope its not as slow as the net! your photos are fine and the frog is gorgeous, im off to check out those links, thanks!

  6. Happy birthday chicky....lots of nice pressies and more to come with your birthday money from the group hey....hope you have a lovely day.
    Hugs Khris

  7. I know I am a day late but I want to wish you belated birthday wishes. You have received so many lovely goodies. I wish you the best for the coming year. Regards, Nessie

  8. Naomi... Happy Birthday back at you :) My special day was wonderful.. I hope yours was too. Wow LOOKS like you received lots and lots of nice swap gifts and Birthday gifts from friends... LUCKY you ;)

  9. OMG, what a haul! Looks like you did have a "Happy Naomi Birthday"!

  10. how cute is that mug rug!


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