Monday, February 7, 2011

Tilda Heart Valentines Secret Swap

A short while ago, I signed up for the Secret Tilda Heart Swap and my partner is/was......muah-hahaha you're gonna have to wait for that, coz my swap gifties are still making their way to their new owner! But today, the parcel man, Barry is his name for those who might want to know! rang on my doorbell and handed me the parcel below...WOOT WOOT.

Picture me....on second thoughts, don't picture me doing it, but I was doing a happy dance today WHY? I hear you ask....that's because my swap gift arrived, all the way from Norway.....I know we were supposed to guess who our swap partner was, but being that it came from O/S, the name and address has to be written on the I kind of cheated by looking at the list of participants here. (Also, whilst you're there, check out the "Olivia Quilt" that Cat made for Tsunami, it's a real HOOT!....note to self, find out why said child has been named Tsunami!)

OMG, she's killing's like the ad for the Sara Lee pastries (if you've seen them, you'll know what I'm talking about...which makes a nice change hey? lol) Layer, 'pon layer, 'pon layer...hee hee hee....inside the brown paper, was a taped up white box! Please excuse my fat arm...but I was hiding her address on the inner box....forgot I could blank it all out in Picasa...DERRR!

Boy, was the tension building in the kitchen at this stage or what? Then I saw that I had bubble wrap to play Naomi, put the bubble wrap down and find the goodies, people are waiting to see what you got....TUT TUT pfft, ok then.....which leads me to the next picture.

And inside the bubble wrap, was this gorgeous Tilda Tin.

Is the suspense killing you, like it was me, when I was opening it? I mean, first was the brown paper around the box, then I had to contend with the tape on the box inside the wrapping, and then bubble wrap (pop pop pop!) then there was the delightful Tilda Tin inside....worth the wait though.

I got an owly pattern...for a tablerunner, it's in Norwegian, but she assured me I'd be able to 'wing it' Oh I'm such a hoot, joking like that hey? I also got some chocolate brown with pink dots on it...Tilda ribbon, and some pretty pink and white Tilda fabric, a Tilda Tin, some real yummy choccies and of course, my Tilda hanging heart. Just perfect, each and every item. Thanks heaps to Berit, who you can peruse her blog here.

Wasn't I spoiled with all the Tilda branded stuff? OMG I didn't know you could buy all those different things, I just thought it was patterns and fabric!

Here's hoping my partner likes her goodies when they arrive....wonder if she's worked out who it's all from

Now, just a wee headz up.....I've heard a whisper, ok it wasn't a whisper, it was an email....telling me that there just might be a Tilda Easter swap in the pipeline, so head on over to Cat's blog and stalk her! Go on, do it, I DARE YOU!


  1. OMG look at those precious gifts you got !! !! And the Tilda tin is amazing !! !! And Tsunami - well Tsunami and Philosopher sum up there personalities PERFECTLY! And thanks for the Tilda Easter swap plug! and for making me smile xxx

  2. I´m glad you liked the Tilda stuff I sent you. As you probably know Tilda is a Norwegian brand, and I can tell you there are LOTS of Tilda things you can buy if you are an Tilda addict ♥

  3. Love the gifts Naomi!! Wow you were spoilt werent you... you deserve it hun.. hugs Lis

  4. Lovely gifts chick.
    Hey did you ever get around to sending your Swap With a Difference gifts?

  5. I love bubble wrap too and Tilda fabric! You are so very spoiled!

  6. I don't know what Tilda is but I'm happy it made you so happy!! Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway so I could come over here and meet you! Enjoy the rest of the event!


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