Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More things I've been making

I may not have been posting on here, but I have been sewing.....and above is a little collage of some of the 'goodies' I've been making.

The free motion quilting isn't quite my first attempt, but it's probably my best attempt thus far!

The applique circles video tutorial can be found here. Mine don't quite line up, but my sewing machine is having 'issues' with thick seams and goes wonky when it hits thick bits....I shall be making more of these....once I've found my ultra thin interfacing....and I've sorted out the 'issue' my other machine keeps sewing after you've taken your foot off the pedal.....and it's a sealed unit, so I can't take it apart to clean it or see if a wire has come think it's going to need a wee holiday at the repair shop...or a new foot pedal.

The freeform crazy patch was me playing around with scraps....I just found a piece that looked like it would fit in the gap and sewed it stress, no worries, just mix 'n' match bits and attached them to a 9" square of batting. Not sure what I'll do with it yet....potholder perhaps.....suggestions????

The zippy pouch was the last of a scrap of fabric I had and Raelene mentioned she liked, and as she's going away soon for 7 weeks, I thought I'd make her a wee make up bag to take with her. I put an elephant charm on the zip puller as a reminder of her Mum who is now roaming with elephants in heaven.


  1. My sewing machine was also sewing after I took my foot off the pedal. It turned out to be the foot pedal that was faulty. I got a new one and it works great again now. My repair person said that foot pedals typically last 5 to 8 years. I have a Husqvarna. Mine was replaced at 10 years so it lasted a little longer than average.

    Cute projects! You've been busy!

  2. My first sewing machine used to do that, very annoying, my current machine doesn't like thick seams very much either :(

    Perhaps the freeform crazy patch would make a large coaster although a potholder sounds good as well.

  3. You've been a busy little bee! Hope you're having loads of fun sewing up a storm, but I sure hope there isn't anything terribly wrong with your machine. Fingers crossed it's just some little thing!



  4. nice things you got there. I have a Brother that dont like big seams. I call her my Diva. I hope you get your machine in order in no time.


  5. Busy Tart .... love all your projects.
    Hope that machine starts to behave itself soon.

  6. All very nice projects, liking the zippy pouch very much!!!


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