Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's on my design wall

Just thought I'd share a quick pic of what's on my design wall right now.......the starts of my first ever queen sized (or nearly!) patchwork Healing Heart quilt top. A huge thank you to Diana for the tip about how to make your own design wall using a few skirt hangers and a vinyl backed tablecloth! The quilt design is all my own, drew a rough sketch up on a scrap of paper, and have worked out sizes as I go.....using skills/techniques I've picked up along my crafting journey. I know it's a no brainer for all you 'seasoned' quilters, but for me, this is an achievement as I've only ever made a small cot quilt before, and I had help from Khristina for that!

This quilt is for Raelene who's off to Adelaide in a few weeks for some radiation treatment......she'll be gone for almost 8 weeks, so thought I'd make her a Healing Heart quilt to take with her......and thus far, it's all been made from my 'fabric collection' (Stash to most!)....I'm going to see how much I can make it from just what I have at hand......all comments welcomed. I'm thinking to help out with size....I'm going to put sashing inbetween each of the blocks....just trying to make my indecisive mind up as to whether I also put some squares at the junctions of the blocks....think they're called cornerstones???

Edited at 11.52pm (my local time) to add a second photo....this is where I'm up to as I head off to bed.....decided on the sashing etc to make it bigger than it going to make another one without the sashing and cornerstones as I liked how that design looked too! I'm still not happy with the size of it, but it's a few inches bigger now and as I don't believe I've got any suitable fabric to add a thick border out of....guess this is as big as it's going to get! Went fossicking and found a pink & white (wish it was pink & cream, but white is close enough!) quilt cover that I'm going to use as the backing fabric......won't need to piece it or anything!

Does anyone happen to know where I put my quilting pins when I moved? I've tried to think if I've seen them since we moved, and I can't recall seeing them, or even what I packed them with....YIKES....will be hunting them down tomorrow for itching to try out FMQ on a big scale!

Nighty night or good morning, depending on where you are in the world.


  1. Nomi,
    I was all bent out of shape when you didn't want donation blocks for the wonder, you've about finished it. I love the block setting...very well done. How large is the quilt now? What will be the back and binding? Just


  2. Love the design of your quilt Naomi. Raelene will love snuggling under it while she is away.
    You are a nice friend.

    I have the same design wall but have put a pocket on top and put a curtain rod through which I hang on two hooks.That way can take down and roll up.

  3. That has turned out so pretty and girly Naomi, It is lovely

  4. Amazing how different the look is with or without the sashing. But I like them both!

  5. Hi Naomi - quilt looks lovely - the sashings and cornerstones have made it look complete - you are pretty good to have designed that yourself! I'm sure your friend will love it. Hope all goes well for her.
    Hugs Your 'Not so Secret Santa in the Letterbox'

  6. Dang I need a design wall!
    Love your quilt ...

  7. Wow Naomi the quilt looks great, look how far you have come with your quilting, Raelene will love it, you've done a terrific job.

  8. This is absolutely lovely Naomi - and I'm sure Raelene will LOVE it
    Email me - !! !! !!


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