Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sewings version of the Willy Wonka Gold Bar

I've just popped a couple of giveaways up on my giveaway page for Go! Baby cutters, and was rather annoyed to see that one of them is limited to people with a US or Canadian shipping address.....which has led me to think about this post.....some of you may remember a while back when I had my little sook (you can read it here if you didn't see it back then) about the amount of followers needed to 'host' an Accuquilt GO! giveaway, then there is also the chance to win one on Accuquilts Friday comp's in Facebook, once again, I found out that being in Australia I wasn't eligible to win (don't think that's an Accuquilt stipulation, think it's something to do with FB regulations about giveaways....but if that's the case, how to other people manage to give stuff away worldwide).....and now it seems Accuquilt is kicking all us non USA/Canada residents in the butt again.....on Blog giveaways.......I definately think I sound like a spoilt brat, but stiff.....I needed to get it off my chest and move on I did after my sook before about them!

Onto the Willy Wonka Gold Bar part of my subject seems like I've spent way too much time chasing the sewists version of a Gold ticket, so thought I'd pick one of the characters out of the movie and being that my favourite colour is purple....I've picked out......insert loud fanfare......

Who would you be????? Veruca Salt? Violet Beauregarde? Augustus Gloop? Mike TeeVee? or Charlie??? And WHY????? I don't have a prize to giveaway, I just think it'd be fun to see which character my followers/readers assimilate themselves to as we all seek out our own elusive Golden Tickets in/for whatever!

In closing off, I just have to decide whether a) I'll ever own a GO! or Go! Baby, b) Accuquilt is another name for Willy Wonka & c)


  1. I don't think I have seen this movie but that being are right, it just doesn't see fair, you should be able to win a go...

  2. Hi Naomi, yes I saw that giveaway yesterday and was real excited until I read that it wasn't open to us overseas. Absolute BUMMER! :o(

  3. *stomping my feet* I want one too!!!

  4. Like you... it is annoying that we can't participate in the Go giveaways.
    I would love one though, and will probably get one eventually.

  5. I'm with you lady! I often see giveaways (Sew Mama Sew did this recently) for loads of fabric, open to US residents only. Well how about including those of us that have to pay twice as much for fabric as those in the US? What did we do wrong??

  6. I suspect the problem is driven by outrageous postal rates within the US, and possibly from other countries. To ship a small AccuQuilt die in the US costs $8 per die. My rant is with the postal services that are driving businesses out of business.



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